TPT is now free to play!

  • braden1127
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  • Xomikvi
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    ahaha I'm Russian and I don't care about your restrictions and threats, and the more I live in Russia

  • DanielGalrito
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    I am having so much fun with this new update, these new features will make The Powder Toy so much better, and I'm sure the community is enjoying it as much as me!

    A few people seem somewhat against this update but I'm sure they will change their minds soon, and for those that wont, how dare you not support your favorite game?!


    Also, to make the game even better, you should let people pay to delete other people's comments, so FAKE NEWS stop spreading so much.

    I approve of this update!




    I was not forced to say this.

  • QuanTech
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    this is an absolutely brilliant scheme

  • vojta212
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    Soo i typed 3 things in my program that is also playing fools on me and i got 999998401 powdercoins

  • nonnymoose
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    @jacob1 Oh yeah, I noticed that too. I was actually planning to leave a comment about it on Github.


    A standalone program actually won't even compile on my machine because the characters are in " and not ' and *epiphany* legitimately happened while I was typing this


    OOHH! That's why the version I built has only some different hashes than the official version! The official one was built on a different machine!


    I'm kind of impressed that that works at all. With a high user id (like mine, 163854), it will overflow the character. Same with a large number of coins. (Actually, that is where the differences occur between my build and the official one... 64 vs 32 bit, maybe???)

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