TPT is now free to play!

  • jacob1
    1st Apr 2018 Developer 5 Permalink
    I know what you're thinking, wasn't TPT already free before? Well just wait til you see all the new features and enhancements, I know you will love it.

    Many elements are unlocked by default, but by using NEW Powdercoins you can unlock new elements and features never seen before. No need to get out your wallet though - you can earn coins just by playing TPT!

    Why are you doing this?
    Times have been hard recently - server costs are increasing due to the rise in bitcoin mining. The tariffs placed by the US government on foreign explosives makers has also affected us significantly.
    We also incurred large costs paying for the funeral of our server admin, Simon.

    What will the money go towards?
    The money will go towards paying for new and upgraded servers, advertising, and entertainment expenses for jacob1 and the other admins to keep us productive.

    It won't accept my card?
    We only accept LÜF Lirpa EXTRAVote Co-Branded Credit Cards. Please apply for one today!

    I just want free coins!
    Good news! For your constant support of TPT, we have allowed all players to enter a one time code "freecoins" to immediately receive 10000 coins!

    I hate fun
    That is unfortunate. If you would like to download an older version, please go here

    TODO: get more recent preview image

    Download TPT 93.2 today!
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  • Sully
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    Oy Vey!

  • phox
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    I win lol

  • jacob1
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    @phox (View Post)
    Hacking and breaking DRM restrictions are illegal under federal law. Violations can be punished with up to 3 years in prison or a $10000 fine. Please delete all materials used in the hack immediately or else our lawyers will be in touch.
  • coryman
    1st Apr 2018 Member 1 Permalink

    Free to play? I can't afford that D:

  • Gaes
    1st Apr 2018 Member 0 Permalink

    I didn't delete the old version of the game.Simply deleted a new, and not updated.

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  • tentxd
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    <img src="">@jacob1 (View Post)


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  • SuperJohn
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  • TuDoR2007
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    Well then. Prepare for either mass hacking or mass absence in users. Goodbye tpt for the day.

  • CosminPerRam
    1st Apr 2018 Member 0 Permalink

    This feature is quite broken, when i buy certain things they are not unlocked but the PowderCoins are wasted!

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