Layering helper remastered

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     Open console in tpt, type in tpt.getscript(147, "bagels.lua") , then dofile("bagels.lua") , now you can use the script (by typing Layer() ) in the console



    tpt.getscript(147, "bagels.lua") gets script #147 from the script server, and puts it into a file named bagels.lua


    dofile("bagels.lua") runs the code inside bagels.lua .


    Now all the global variables and functions from the script are available for your use.


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    Big update:
    +Added ability to rotate group of elements

    +Added ability to resize group of elements
    +Ctrl+z support
    +Zoom window support
    +Preview now changes color to make it visible on all background colors

    +Elements now is not moving untill its not saved

    How to use:
    Donwload script and write Layer() in console
    Interface description:
    R - Rotate (Higher quality of rotation when safe mode is disabled)
    S - Resize (Only possible with safe mode disabled)

    Safe mode - Dont break particle order. 
    Layer - When checked elements will be layerd otherwise just replaced like when placing stamp.


    User right mouse button to undo (work with rotation, resizing or moving) and press left mouse button to apply.

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    You have this line at the top: tpt.getscript(157, "scripts/ssccssccAPI.lua", 1, 0)

    Did you mean script 172? I changed it before approving it.

    Also I see you're treating mouse button 4 as right click, maybe for that bug in my mod? I'll fix that next version. mouse button 4 is supposed to be buttons 4/5 on a mouse, not right click.
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

    I am fixed script id on pastebin also. I am using 4 because of bug and to make it also work in old versions. Some of my scripts probably can fully disable clicks when right button is different

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    Very, very useful. Thank you.

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    i have problem, imagine you making dummy and when you're done with the layers and get ready to put it all together, you notice that the blood is on top of the skin and you can't fix it. Question - how to fix it?