Cyens Toy

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    There's a linux download link on the main post now

  • firefreak11
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    Cyens Toy has a continuous integration build server set up and running to compile the mod for Windows and Linux with new features as soon as they are done on my PC.


    I am not resuming full time development after the fail that was the Christmas update burnout, but I do play around with the code now and again. If new features are implemented, Cyens Toy will no longer follow a release schedule. I didn't feel right just declaring the mod dead and never coming back to it, so I am using this current bit of motivation to get CI up and running so that when I do feel like adding features, it can be done, and users can access them instantly. A new Discord channel has been created as well

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     I am really glad you are at least partly back. Thank you so much to you and everyone else. I can't wait to see this mod become better and better. Still looking forward to all the progress. Always remeber to take your time. :D