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  • gamers4
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    i'm just 9 so i can make scripts only 2 hours in day. sorry.

  • firefreak11
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    I'd like to take a poll.


    Yesterday I turned 22. I was 11 when I first discovered TPT, which was now nearly 11 years ago. I made up the username "firefreak11" in 2009 (when I was 11), but I believe I joined the forums in 2010, using that name. The question I'd like to as is: has the time come for me to update my username? Should I ask jacob1 to change my name on the forums? If so, to what?

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     Keep it the same, honestly I wouldn't recognize you. 

  • Michael238
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    Don't change it.

  • DanielGalrito
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    Xx_McPotatoFace69_xX has my vote

  • firefreak11
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    I'll keep it, if it's between Xx_McPotatoFace69_xX and firefreak11

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     Quark beam vs gluon


    A quark beam interacting with the strong field