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     That sounds a lot easier than I expected since I'm not that experienced with git. I'll give it a go for the next release

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    It looks like it isn't as simple as I suggested. You could still try ... but because you never forked the TPT repo, there will be difficulties. Usually when making a mod you should fork the repo so that you have the entire history. It seems like you just uploaded the source code to Github without doing that.

    You can still easily apply the fix in the commit I linked though.
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     I've applied the PLNT fix but probably won't attempt the update if it's going to be as difficult as I originally thought.

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    Alright, on the behalf of firefreak11 i am happy to announce that update 2.1.0 is out and about.

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    Version 2.1.0 is released!


    This is the first update in the biochemistry module, so I will release smaller updates to the module closer together as it is worked towards microbiology and genetics.


    Also, I have finally compiled a list of all the elemental and environmental reactions that I have added via new elements or changed in some vanilla elements, and each release will have an updated version of this available on the main post. 


    I realize that Cyens Toy may not seem super interactive at first glance, but each of the added element types and features has a specific role to play in making this TPT's most content-heavy mod, so if you are interested in learning exactly what the mod does, please check out the reference document.




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    Sorry if this is a known issue, but for some reason I seem unable to load stamps/offline saves. When I save stuff offline, it doesn't show up in the saves list, and when I save stamps they say they require a newer version of TPT. Copying and pasting works fine, and loading public saves is fine too. Really good mod otherwise though, keep up the good work!

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     I had some trouble with that too. I'm not sure what's causing it at the moment

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    Made an account to say this mod is great. Also I would say this mod does carry on in the right direction for the game to not be stand-alone. - I think it was this thread that mentioned this concern, apologies if I've got that wrong.

    To elaborate in my own opinion:
    The thing that this mod does is add elements, this is a primary corner-stone to these powder games. But if elements get added in aimlessly then it wont be functional, ruining the experience. 
    This mod doesn't do that. Considering the "Modules" list which looks like it has been thought-out thoroughly and sensibly. What it does, is helps maintain that sense of relevance towards the additions. Because they are real-world subjects, it promotes imagination, whilst utilising mental logic. More elements play into the *game* aspect of it all, thus to me, they enable the game to evolve further. 
    - For example, alternatively, if I wanted to play with real physics in a serious manner, I'd just mess about with what I could find in the real world.

    Considering the age of these powder games, I'm surprised and grateful that there are those out there who have the commitment and inerests in developing the game further, with more depth. Ultimately, games are as deep as the individual wants to make it. What is crucial is avoiding any over-complication, if kept within a reasonable level of 'usability', then anybody can still experience it. 

    So imo, keep doing what you're doing sir, it's a cracking effort, I'm even curious to where things will be in 3 - 5 years of development, no point rushing things right.

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     Thanks for the feedback! The modules were created so that I am forced to organize my thoughts and plans and make me have each branch of science at a good level before I move on.


    General Cyens Toy news:

    Thanks to @LBPHacker's help, Cyens Toy 3.1.1 will be released within the next week or so. It will have the same features as 2.1.0 with some bug fixes, but most importantly, it will be up to date with the official codebase! Cyens Toy users will have all the features as vanilla user plus what the mod offers, and you'll be able to open modern saves as well! After that release, I will continue to work towards microbiology and genetics.


    Edit:  Also, did I mention that all future releases of Cyens Toy will also be available for Linux as well as Windows?

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    Brilliant work @Firefreak11 and @LBPHacker. I cant wait to play the new updated version! :D Remember to take your time and do it right.