• ParaParaPara
    11th Jan 2018 Member 0 Permalink

    So, for one, I'm not here to talk about developement, but it seems like no one is. Few and far between have understood the meaning of this forum. It is NOT for making suggestions. That's what the feedback thread is for. You would think Simon did enough by making a locked rules thread at the top of this forum, but I suppose it wasn't. 


    Simon made it perfectly clear what this forum is for. To talk about the development of TPT. Lua scriptures and the like. It just seems like people disregarded the rule for this forum so much, Simon and the rest just stopped caring when a suggestion meant for the feedback thread was made here. 


    Then again, I suppose I'd also grow tired of having to relocate hundreds of threads because people put them in the wrong forum. 


    Sorry. Just got annoyed. Rant over. 

  • randalserrano
    11th Jan 2018 Member 1 Permalink

    The main reason why there are suggestions allowed in the feedback forum is because whether you like it or not, without ideas, there would be no development. Part of feedback is expressing yourself on what you think would make The Powder Toy better. Of course there are going to be those annoying people that sound like as follows: "MAEK ME MOVING SOLIDDDDDS". But there are actually others out there that actually research what they want to suggest and actually make an effort to show why it would be an awesome implementation to Powder Toy. As far as putting wrong post on a forum, there will always be those people who do so.