Introducing: Save of the Week

  • Lockheedmartin
    5th Jan 2018 Moderator 3 Permalink

    Just wanted to post a quick announcment - we'll begin a social media campaign on our Twitter called 'Save of the Week'.


    Every week we will choose a save off the front page to post on Twitter. This will typically happen on Monday and this save will generally get chosen based on the criteria below:

    • Be on the Front Page
    • Have a decent number of Votes (does not need the highest)
    • Be innovative and interesting
    • Active Comments section
    • Bonus points for an active Forums thread
    • Cannot be a group advertisement or save consisting of role-play games
    • Must obey all the rules

    Our goal is to increase community discussion and interaction, while promoting innovative ideas (subframe, etc). That's generally it. You can find our Twitter on @PowderToy.


    One more thing - don't ask us to look at your saves or beg to be considered. Whatever is on the Front Page during Mondays and has met the general criteria, while staff come to an agreement, will be selected. Any questions? Post here!

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  • ParaParaPara
    12th Jan 2018 Member 0 Permalink

    @Lockheedmartin (View Post)

     I get the whole premise of this thread, but how about a different save? Did someone save Simon before he died? I'm pretty sure he's dead. 

  • coryman
    12th Jan 2018 Member 0 Permalink

    I can see this being a cool way to show off good stuff, but I can also see it being a sort of popularity contest that alienates new players a bit? Like, "Oh, I never got front page, and this guy has had 3 save of the weeks" sorta thing... Kinda like a status symbol, almost?

    Hoping the community can be mature enough that it's the former