Weather mod Idea

  • FunCrafter_
    19th Aug 2017 Member 6 Permalink

    Hello, I had that Idea about a mod that adds weather to the game.

    like clouds start to form at a higher point of the window and when they grow big enought they start to drop water.

    also thunderstorms can start to form and they make lightnings and rain stronger.

    also a setting to change the A heat on different hight levels would be cool and would make more sense for the weather system.

    I hope someone is able to program something like that cause im not.

  • 007LLAMA1
    11th Oct 2017 Member 1 Permalink

    Great! Just need to find someone with some time, patience, and skill in coding. So not me. lol. 


    To add on, evaporated water would not turn back into water solely on temperature, but in how much is in the cloud. And a big enough cloud can create electricity

  • FunCrafter_
    2nd Nov 2017 Member 1 Permalink

    I would love to see that in tpt but I just got into modding so I wont be able to do it myself too.

  • TPT_PL
    3rd Nov 2017 Member 1 Permalink

    "Would be cool" is not a reason to add an idea.
  • DanielGalrito
    3rd Nov 2017 Member 3 Permalink

    How is that not a reason?

    Have you never made a mod because it "would be cool"?

  • coryman
    3rd Nov 2017 Member 1 Permalink

    @TPT_PL (View Post)


    Title says "Weather mod Idea", not "please put this in the official release". People can do pretty much whatever they want with mods, and there's no real harm in requesting a mod (as long as it's not completely unreasonable or senseless)

  • TuDoR2007
    19th Jan 2018 Member 1 Permalink

    This sounds really interesting, we already have Ambient heat, it would be really nice to see this.

  • Fnaf65
    4th Feb 2018 Member 0 Permalink

    Add a tornado 

  • TheSupaMario
    20th Aug 2018 Member 0 Permalink

    in this mod, hurricane and tornado should also be added.

  • TuDoR2007
    20th Aug 2018 Member 1 Permalink