MRAY: Multi-Ray

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    MRAY is a new laser that when selected, will have a PROP kind of menu, but kinda different. I'll show it at end of comment. But it will shoot out any elements that aren't solid, you enter it's name in menu (eg FIRE, PLSM, ANAR) And it will be a laser or have it's normal properties (will be decided in popup menu) and can break, shatter, freeze, burn, melt, decay, and others I can't think of currently. Menu:.   Property:

                                     _____________ <- Laser or normal is decisions



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     I don't understand the description fully, but I think what you want is CRAY. If you set the ctype of CRAY to BRCK, for example, when you spark a conductor next to the CRAY, the CRAY will create a line of BRCK.

    Read the wiki page for more info