Oxygen as an oxidiser and not a fuel

  • JezzBomb
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    I have no idea on how to code or create mods but a cool idea I'd like to see as a mod would be to have oxygen act as an oxidiser and not a standalone fuel. In my idea, I'd like to see oxygen disappear when it touches a fire particle and release extra heat from the fire particle. Say I'm burning wood which might release a fire particle at about 400 °C but if that fire particle touches an oxygen particle, its heat is increased by 50 percent of the fire particle's current temperature or somewhere to that degree. Also, if an oxygen particle touches a smoke particle that is still at a relatively high temperature (say more than 150 - 200 °C for example) it respawns a fire particle at fire's normal (brush) spawn temperature of 422 °C. In this instance, the oxygen particle would also disappear. The reason I have this idea for a mod and not a game update idea as I believe some people would have oxygen as a fuel and having this as a full game idea will wreck a lot of people's saved creations. 

  • zaccybot2
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    Reasonable solution to the Oxygen!=Fuel problem.. 

  • ondevy18
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    with out oxygen there is no fire at all. fire triangle is; heat (anything that creats heat), fuel(could be wood, gas, basicly anything flamable(, and oxygen. take one and there is no fire at all.

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