Powerful bombs

  • ChocolateBar549
    July 2017 Member 6 Permalink

    I know you can make powerful bombs with elements but what if powerful explosives wre added with no mixing elements ?

  • Stampy1557
    July 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    Yeah no hard work making powerful bombs with alot of elements and no console commands

  • sansy2435
    7th July Member 0 Permalink

    where is the link

  • Louis_XXV
    10th July Member 0 Permalink

    how to download? please

    10th July Member 0 Permalink

    @Louis_XXV (View Post)

     He was suggesting how he wanted more explosives. Plus this topic is a year old, I doubt he cares now. I am not a mod/dev. 

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  • ItsVexZy
    25th July Member 0 Permalink

    ''where is the link

    how to download? please''

    I laughed so hard, because the Choco dude requested not made the mod or something.