CHEM-MOD - More Chemicals.

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    This is really cool, but what irritates me is the fact that you put the chemical formulas in all caps, and thats incorrect, because chemical formulas are case-sensitive and making them in all caps can confuse some people.

    For example:


    There is an element called CUO in the game, it should be CuO, because doing otherwise would make it look like

    "copper, uranium, oxygen", instead of just CuO which is "copper oxide".


    But luckily i just renamed all of them in the source code, so no problem for me!

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    @SomethingCool Just search it in the script manager Use tpt.getscript(1, "autorun.lua", 1) to get  the manager

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    @Kev_AK (View Post)

     could you make another link somewhere else? i cant reach pastebin at the moment

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    also what to do now bc theres already a silicon powder element

  • zJake
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    @see_version (View Post)

     Actually smartie pants it would be 'Carbon, Uranium, Oxygen'. Hopefully you didn't rename your source code incorrectly too!

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    Why doesn't chlorine and ammoniac react?

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    Hello! Soon a new update :)
    PD:an apology for the long delay.

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    How do i get this to run on TPT?

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    @Kev_AK (View Post)

     How would I import this to TPT?