CHEM-MOD - More Chemicals.

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    Hello Guys.
    I have recently created a script that have the next features:

    -Adds 40+ Elements and Chemicals.
    -Change some already existent elements into other that are more useful or realistic.



    COPR - Copper [ I think it isn't fully functional by now. ]
    SIV - Photosensible Silicon.

    TUNG now it's called W6C - Tungsten Carbide - Same properties.
    NTCT now it's called GE - Germanium - Same Properties.
    PTCT now it´s called SI - Silicon - Same Properties.
    METL now it´s called SI5FE - Electric Steel - Same Properties.



    NI3 - Nitrogen Triodide. - Highly sensitive explosive. Releases a purple gas cloud.
    BGUN - Black Gunpowder. - An Old Explosive.
    NCL3 - Nitrogen Trichloride. - Corrosive highly sensitive explosive.
    NH403 - Amonium Nitrate. - When is mixed with explosives or combustibles slowly release OXYG.
    C2H2 - Acetilene. - Burns hot! Explodes in contact with some metals.
    ANFO - Amonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil Mixture. - Explodes with a big power.
    S - Sulphur. - Made in hell.
    KNO3 - Potassium Nitrate. - Deflagrant Explosive.
    AL2O3 - Alumina / Aluminium Oxide - Explodes in special conditions [Heat + High Pressure]



    RBDM and LRBD now have photon sensibility and explodes more realistic.


    N2 - Molecular Nitrogen. [Not finished yet]
    N2O - Nitrous Oxide.
    O3 - Ozone. - Comburent and high oxydizer.
    NH3 - Amoniac. - Caustic and predecesor of other compounds.
    CH3NO - Nitromethane. - Powerful and sensible gas. It's really hard to be syntethized.
    CH4 - Methane. - Explodes Easily in contact with other gases.
    CO - Carbon Monoxide. - Toxic, Flammable and Low Reactive.
    N2H4 - Hydrazyne. - Very Sensitive Combustible, slowly descomposses into HYGN.
    R-32 - Difluoromethane. - Refrigerant [It was useful until REFG appears in PT]
    S2O - Sulfur Dioxide. - Smells Bad.
    CL - Chlorine. - Toxic and Corrosive.
    IODV - Iodine Vapor. - Used to create NI3. Condenses into I.


    GAS now it's called C3H8 - Propane. - Same Properties.


    H2O2 - Hydrogen Peroxide. - Oxydizer, slowly descomposses in presence of some metals.
    sH2SO4 - Sulfuric Acid. - Corrodes almost all metals. Reactive and useful.
    HNO3 - Nitric Acid. - Soft Acid. Some explosives precursor.
    HCL - Chlorhydric Acid. - Strong Acid.
    NAOH - Sodium Hydroxide. - Strong Alkali, reacts with acids.
    I - Iodine. - Volatile. Purifies WATR in only one touch.
    C7H8 - Toluene. - Some explosives precursor.
    MUD - Mud. - Get Dirty.

    OIL now it's named C3H8L - Propane. - Same as OIL.
    ACID now it's named HI3 - Iodhydric Acid. - One of the Strongest Acids.




    DIRT - Dirt. - Mother of Life.
    SEED - Seeds. - Just like seeds
    CMNT - Portland Cement. - Forges and gets hard whet it's mixed with WATR.
    BGPH - Broken Graphite. - Absorbs Neutrons and Photons.
    BCAR - Broken Carbono.
    CAC2 - Calcium Carbide. - Provides from LIME, produces C2H2 in contact with WATR.
    SIO2 - Silice / Silicon Oxide. - Component of CMNT and GLAS.
    CUO - Cooper Oxide. - Conducts energy even if PROT pass trought it.
    TIO2 - Titanium Oxide. - Heavy. Generates energy in contact with NAOH.
    CUSO4 - Cooper Sulfate. - Purifies WATR, intensifies Explosives Reactions.




    BRMT now it's named FE2O3 - Hematite [Iron Oxide]
    CNCT now i's named LIME - Limestone. - Now acts like a source of C3H8 and C3H8L.

    If STNE its under pressure  turns into ROCK. Also could rarely converts into ROCK of is exposed to N2, SLTW or WATR.





    ROCK - Rock. - Descomposses into various metal oxides and gasses. 

    AG - Silver. - Turns into IRON if a photon have contact with it. Conducts energy.
    AL - Aluminium. - Oxide and some acids resistant.
    STEL - Construction Steel. - Strong. Corrodes with the time.
    GPHT - Graphite. - Same function than BGPH.
    TIC - Titanium Carbide. - High Performance Ceramic. Resists very high temperatures.




    BMTL now it's named BRAS - Brass. - Breakeable Semiconductor. Breaks into CUO.

    If TTAN is exposed to OXYG, SLTW or WATR will corrodes and oxidize.

    If TUNG is exposed to C2H2 or BCAR will forms W6C.


    This is all.
    I hope that you have fun and like my work. I'm a begginer and really was hard for me coding this.

    Thank you. Have a nice day.


    Previous Version:

    Download it from Pastebin! - V1.2B

    Download it from Pastebin! - V1.2.1B
    (Updated link: 12/11/2023)


    Current Version:

    Download it from Pastebin! - V1.2.2B




    V1.2B    - Initial Release

    V1.2.1B -  Fixed name COOP to COPR.

    V1.2.2B -  Added oxidation of TTAN

                 -  Added more information about changes in existent elements.

                 -  Fixed RBDM exploding in contact with WATR.

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    That's very interesting. I love when I can see many cool elements in one mod/script!


    I've got an idea. How about adding Cesium (CESM) from my earlier thread?

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    @docRoboRobert (View Post)

    Thank you :) , your opinion it's very important for me. 
    Sure, It sounds interesting. I'll add it for the next update :) . 

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    I'm guessing by cooper, you mean copper?
    Otherwise, looks like it could be fun, I'll give it a try!

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    @coryman (View Post)

    Haha Sorry, i think it was a typing mistake.
    Thank you for the correction, and for try it! :)

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    Yes, maybe instead of COOP, it should be COPR.

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    @docRoboRobert (View Post)


    Done! Sorry for the mistake haha. 

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    V.1.2.1C - The fact that if STNE is under preassure, it will form ROCK should be in "CHANGES IN EXISTING ELEMENTS".

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    @docRoboRobert (View Post)


    I've fixed it, thank you :)

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    how do i put it on powder toy?