USB doesn't connect to MAC

  • lenifee
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    Hi guys!


    There's a project for uni that is due next month and I'm trying to conduct an experiment for that. Somehow the equipment doesn't connect to MAC (of course. Having a Mac is fun. Not.)

    The website says it's only to be used for PC (Windows OS). Does anyone have a clue how to use it on my damn MAC?


    For clarification: I need to use this thin film analyzer. No idea if this is helpful information whatsoever, but for what it's worth they have the software specifications listed there. Any way to go around that?

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  • TPT_PL
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    Just don't use MACs.
    (Also, MAC stands for Maximally Annoying Computer)
  • jombo23
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     i mean if it states windows, it aint gonna work with mac lol