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    jacob1's mod is built on an entirely different codebase from vanilla, having to support both would be double the work (I can't even do a direct merge). Also, his mod has a few simulation differences from vanilla, which is contrary to this mod's philosophy. I'm not sure the extent to which features in my mod can be converted to Lua scripts, but that's outside the scope of my mod.


    If you have features from jacob1's mod that you think would be great in my mod, feel free to mention them here and I might implement them. Also feel free to mod features from my mod into jacob1's mod to make your own new mod. I'm sorry that there isn't an easy way to get features from both mods at once.

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     thanks for the reply, i figured it would be something like that.

    maybe i'll switch stamps from this mod to jacob1's, that might work i guess

    jacob1's mod has a lot of features with the hud that i use so you could possibly implement that (tmp2, deco color, etc.)

    thanks anyways!

    P.S: showing deco color and the filt .tmp mode is genius, i didn't even notice that until now

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    The vanilla HUD currently shows you everything you need (i.e. it'd show you tmp2 for particle types where tmp2 actually matters). If you want to customize the HUD, you can make a Lua plugin for it.


    For reference, here are some examples of other people's custom HUD Lua plugins: (Boost.ExtendedHUD.lua, though it depends on his larger Boost framework)


    By the way, the FILT ctype and tmp HUD display is a vanilla feature, not my mod's.

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    Version 1.6 is out! Thanks to Daswf852 for the ctype display idea.


    Note that this is a breaking change (in the sense of workflow habits, not simulation). When setting the ctype of FILT with the PROP tool, you will need to prepend a "c" to enable 30th bit handling. For example, "c19" will set the ctype of FILT to 0x20000013.


    Merge changes in 93.3.
    Allow property tool to set temperature in kelvin.
    Make property tool 30th-bit handling opt-in.
    Allow spectral data to be displayed in hex and unmodified decimal.

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    @mark2222 any plans on merging in RAYT? 

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    This mod tracks stable versions, not snapshots, particularly when it comes to simulation changes. I'll merge RAYT when it comes out with the next stable version.


    If I don't notice when the next stable version is released, don't hesistate to inform me.

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    it'd be cool if hovering over BRAY would show a hexadecimal ctype in the HUD just like FILT (idk if you left it decimal on purpose)


    cool mod btw

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    Wow, I wasn't even aware about that bug in the stable version. The latest version (if you compile the master branch from Github) doesn't have this issue, but due to various reasons I won't be able to release it until vanilla 94.0. If you'd like, I might be able to compile a snapshot. In any case, I'll register it as a bug under the first post. Thanks!


    By the way, you can change between hex and decimal display using Ctrl-J (though as you mentioned, this won't work for BRAY in stable).

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    Version 1.7 is out (following vanilla 94.0) with a whole bunch of bugfixes and features! One thing to try is the config tool, which can be found in the tools menu (or by pressing "C").


    Breaking change: Automatic particle order reloading has been given its own flag, so you'll need to use "tpt.autoreload_enable(1)" to enable it now.



    • Merge changes in 94.0.
    • Add Lua function to reload particle order.
    • Fix bug with floats being treated as temp in the prop tool.
    • Fix "filt:" prop tool shortcut.
    • Add a config tool.
    • Fix crash when pasting outside window boundaries.
    • Add Lua function to set autoreload, separate from debug flags.
    • Make subframe reloading, simulation and recording enabled by default.
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    Awesome mod! Can you please add a tool to make changing the color of FILT easier? That would be amazing! I always had tried so hard guessing ctype numbers to get the correct color.