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    The previous Official Game Feedback had no more room, and hadn't been updated for almost two years. So here's a new one!

    This thread is for posting bugs, issues in the game, or any other minor improvements you would like to report. Do not post suggestions for new elements or features here, those should go in the feedback forum.

    You might also consider reporting bugs on github, so that they don't get lost.

    For more complete changelogs, see the snapshot changelogs or the Github commit history

    Current Release Version: 93.3

    Current Beta Version: 94.0

    Version 93.3 (Build 340) 2018-04-01
    • Fixed solar panels sometimes not working
    • Fix issue saving soap links to non-soap particles
    • Fix missing thumbnail issue on saves with PIPE/PPIP / new serialization features
    • Remove April Fool's joke from previous release

    Version 93.2 (Build 339) 2018-04-01
    • TPT has now gone free to play!
    • Many elements are unlocked by default, but by using Powdercoins you can unlock new elements and promote your saves to front page!

    Version 93.1 (Build 338) 2018-03-25
    • Save stickmen rocket boots / fan flag in saves
    • Fix antivirus false positive
    • Some misc fixes for bugs in the beta that weren't in the previous release

    Beta Version 93.0 (Build 337) 2018-03-12
    • Added:
    • New cyclone tool
    • Automatically expand stamp when particles are translated out of boundaries (arrow keys)
    • Translate wall grids when shifting stamps by more than 4 pixels
    • Tooltips now show in element search
    • When finding particles, show how many were found in HUD
    • Support for additional scale modes beyond scale 2, if your screen is large enough
    • Ctrl+p shortcut to select PROP tool
    • Add sim.PMAPBITS and sim.PMAPMASK Lua constants
    • Changed
    • Double the element ID limit to 512 (9 bits)
    • Update save format, PIPE, and all element and simulation code to support higher limit
    • TSNS/PSNS with .tmp=1 can be used to digitize temperature/pressure into FILT
    • HSWC/PUMP with .tmp=1 can be used to read back temperature/pressure from FILT
    • Fix division by 0 in PHOT+C5 interaction, now shoots photon off at a 90 degree angle instead of causing infinite velocity
    • Sort local saves alphabetically
    • Now using c++11
    • Fixed:
    • Fix SOAP links not saving / loading properly
    • Fix some issues with loading ambient heat and pressure
    • Fix undoing changes in gravity mask
    • Fix crash when using tpt.start_getPartIndex
    • Potential fixes for crash on exit

    Version 92.5 (Build 336) 2017-09-12
    • Fix luajit actually being disabled in mac / linux versions

    Version 92.4 (Build 335) 2017-09-12
    • Fix the mac version bluescreening on startup

    Version 92.3 (Build 334) 2017-09-11
    • Fix luajit not being included statically in the mac / linux versions

    Version 92.2 (Build 333) 2017-09-05 (rolled back)
    • Fix incorrect 91.1 Windows executable being released
    • Now compiled with luajit, should increase lua script performance by 10-40%
    • Fix crash with BOMB explosions
    • Fix particle debugging breaking .life when doing it while unpaused
    • Fix illuminati symbols appearing when rescanning stamps
    • Fix issues sampling colors on the Windows version
    • Add sim.takeSnapshot lua function
    • Fix crash in luasocket setoption function
    • Remove 'r' recording shortcut
    • Add tpt.record function to start / stop recordings

    Version 92.1 (Build 332) 2017-08-06
    • Hold shift when saving or loading stamps to not save / load pressure
    • Android: ptsave links from the website now directly open the save in the app
    • Hide .tmp in HUD for RFRG and RFGL
    • 'enter' closes SaveIDMessage interface after uploading a save
    • Android: Add effect to show which menu sections scroll
    • Turned off HSWC acts as insulator for HEAC
    • Fix FIGH spawning glitch: id:2165807
    • Fix -nan RFRG glitch
    • Fix BOMB explosion creating EMBR incorrectly
    • Fix newtonian gravity state transitions flashing
    • Fix RFRG description typo (use more common spelling)
    • Fix issue where saving / loading saves could sometimes lag or crash the game
    • Ensure air doesn't "leak" out of TTAN containers when loading stamps and saves
    • Attempt to fix crash when zooming in on signs
    • Fix ctrl+f shortcut not working with particle debugging enabled
    • lua: fix io.popen not being supported on linux and Android versions
    • Android: Fix bug where opening a save with a link sign directly underneath would immediately click on the link sign
    • Android: Fix issues selecting elements in element search UI
    • Android: More fixes for accidental save selection in search UI

    Version 92.0 (Build 331) 2017-07-23
    • New Element: POLO (polonium). Decays into NEUT rapidly unless cooled
    • New Element: HEAC (rapid heat conductor)
    • New Element: SAWD (sawdust). Floats on water
    • New Element: LSNS (life sensor)
    • New Element: RFRG (refrigerant). Heats up and liquifies under pressure
    • Now compiled with the Microsoft Visual Studio Compiler (MSVC)
    • This should improve FPS by a noticeable amount (10-20%), and decrease the size by 40%
    • Add multiple undo and redo support (defaults to 5 undo states)
    • Add warning messages when certain words are found in comments ("stolen", asking for votes, swearing)
    • Add logging inside saves which remembers which other saves material was taken from
    • Add sim.brush lua function, an iterator which returns a list of brush locations
    • Add sim.TOOL_MIX to Lua API
    • Add new PhotonReflectWavelengths property, add reflection color for POLO
    • sim.signs.delete() api function
    • CRAY copies own .life to the particles it creates
    • CRAY can create FILT with .tmp already set
    • Make FRAY and INVS customizable via .tmp
    • Add two new FILT modes, red/blue shift based only on ctype
    • Double the preciseness of photon refracting
    • CRMC now slightly scatters photons when reflecting
    • BGLA now scatters photons
    • PQRT scatters photons like QRTZ does
    • C5 frequency doubling, id:2087410
    • Make GRAV prettier
    • CRAY(LIGH) defaults to LIGH with .life 30
    • Disable STKM controls when pasting saves
    • Make sure STKM / other particle graphics aren't drawn over the menus
    • Pressure, air velocity, and ambient heat are now saved in saves
    • Proper ctrl+backspace support (doesn't delete entire textbox)
    • Add error message when attempting to login using an email address
    • Sign justification is now called pointer alignment, new sign icons
    • Differentiate between created date / updated date in save preview
    • Workaround for incorrect 404 save
    • Typo fixes for BRMT and PLUT descriptions, gases menusection
    • Fix some piston bugs that could cause it to not push as far as it can
    • Fix PHOT/PLSM not following the correct heat scale in heat view
    • Fix issue with air sim that could cause massive lag after leaving TPT idle for 20 minutes
    • Fix floating point celcius in console: !set temp all 0.8C
    • Fix downvote button not being reset when opening a local save
    • Fix deco colors being 1 R/G/B value less than they should be
    • Fix favorites being able to be added multiple times
    • Fix issue where non-scrollable menus are stuck "scrolled"
    • Fix some issues with particle debugging
    • Fix crash with very high speed photons
    • Fix crash when PROT hits SPRK with no ctype
    • Fix potential crashes when loading or saving certain invalid saves
    • Fix crash when doing
    • Fix high hexadecimal numbers working when setting type with PROP tool (can cause crashes)
    • Fix cache value from lua graphics function being ignored

    Version 91.5 (Build 330) 2016-07-26
    • Allow favoriting elements from the search UI
    • Hidden elements now show up in the favorites menu
    • Allow changing WHOL strengh with .tmp (like BHOL)
    • Minor fix to GEL<->SPNG water transfer
    • Fix invisible PIPE bug
    • Fix crash when using custom lua elements and the favorites menu at the same time
    • You can now undo stamp placement
    • Minor text fixes

    Version 91.4 (Build 329) 2016-07-24
    • New tool: MIX
    • Allow using C/F for temperature in PROP tool
    • Added a favorites menu
    • Fixed the OS X Version
    • RPEL's ctype restricts the element it repels
    • Limit MERC to valid .tmp range
    • Force a stacking check when undoing
    • Don't reset edge mode when saving local saves
    • Allow hiding menusections via Lua
    • Allow mods to use the starcatcher build & update server
    • Fix gravity field re-appearing when undoing even if Newtonian Gravity is disabled
    • Fix LIFE tool sampling
    • Fix 'n' toggle also resetting air
    • Fix not being able to turn off FIND tool when a LIFE element is selected
    • Update .life properly when using particle debug shortcuts (tpt.setdebug(0x8))
    • Fix Crash when ctrl+opening a save
    • Fix blank screen when hitting "Cancel" on double screen prompt
    • Fixes to lua key events

    Version 91.3 (Build 328) 2016-04-02
    • 3D mode setting from 91.2 is still present in options (suggested value: -3)
    • Made 3D mode a little less laggy
    • THDR is no longer an energy particle
    • Fixed 3D effect not working properly on OS X, fix yellow screens when turned off on OS X
    • Some fixes to saving edge mode and double scale mode to powder.pref

    Version 91.2 (Build 327) 2016-04-01
    • The feature you've all been waiting for is here! 3-dimensional TPT!
    • Rewrite parts of the save browser to fix crashes on OS X / windows when opening saves
    • Remove virus ---- I mean, fix false virus detection with AVG
    • Note: It has been reported that the 3D doesn't work for some people, and instead TPT turns yellow. Since yellow is such a nice color, this is now a feature.

    Version 91.1 (Build 325) 2016-03-23
    • In game changelogs! (actually they were added in 91.0)
    • Ability to enroll in beta updates on the site (fixed)
    • Loop edge mode now allows particles to have velocities greater than the size of the screen
    • Stickman now has terminal velocity in loop edge mode
    • Don't render AMTR as a gas
    • Fix progress bar disappearing on hover in local save browser
    • Fix PBCN(LIGH)
    • Fix crash when opening saves on OS X

    Version 91.0 (Build 324) 2016-03-05
    • New element: CRMC, melting point gets higher under pressure
    • New wall tool which can erase walls, particles, and signs
    • Deco flood fill, floods decoration based on pixel color
    • New signs: {s:user:jacob1|my saves!} and {aheat}
    • Signs have tooltips now, and have a longer 45 character max
    • Allow PSTN movement amount to be set by PSTN temperature
    • New loop edge mode
    • New ctrl+f shortcut to locate elements
    • Add textbox in save / stamp browsers to jump to any page
    • Ability to publish saves in the browser without resaving
    • .tmp2 shows in the HUD for elements which use it, ambeint heat now shown when enabled
    • Speed improvements to several elements, including EMP, ETRD, and streamlines
    • Fix FRZZ/FRZW (didn't work as intended)
    • CRAY .tmp2 now sets creation offset, just like DRAY
    • Allow DRAY to copy energy particles
    • STOR automatically transfers to PRTI
    • CONV tmp value can now be used to set an element to be converted
    • Disable Newtonian Gravity entirely inside grav wall zones
    • When you are not logged in, you can save local saves without holding ctrl
    • Default "Large screen" option to on if your screen is large enough
    • Redo profile viewer a bit, and show more information
    • Mouse drawing is automatically canceled when moving in / out of the zoom window
    • Better icon and .desktop file on Linux
    • Tons of other changes and fixes not listed here
    • Fix bugs creating multiple stickmen, fix stickmen spawning bugs
    • Fix FIRE, CO2, and SMKE passing through powder only wall
    • Fix FIRE not burning things inside of walls
    • Fix empty holes in stamp browser when deleting stamps
    • Fix stamp and save thumbnails occasionally getting mixed up
    • Fix fullscreen on OS X
    • Fix many obscure crashes
    • Cut down the amazon rain forest

    Previous feedback threads:
    Version 88.0 - Version 90.2
    Version 83.7 (first tpt++ release) - Version 87.2
    Version 78.1 - Version 83.0 (tpt), Version 82.0 (tpt++ beta) - Version 83.7 (tpt++ beta)
    Version 53.1 - Version 77.0 (incomplete changelogs)
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    Platform: Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS / Wine

    Version: 91.4 (current).

    After update from 91.3 can't pick element from screen using middlemouse.

    UPD: My mouse got broken middlemouse

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    @levonchic (View Post)
    Middle mouse still seems to work for me. And i'm also on Ubuntu, using the 64 bit linux version. Does anyone else get this problem?
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    Platform: Windows 10

    Version 91.4

    After Update TPT, whenever I open it,  crashes, it says it is a memory read/write error.

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    @MrDucku (View Post)
    I haven't seen that either, maybe try deleting powder.pref. If that is the issue then maybe send me a copy of powder.pref (with the login info removed preferably), so that I can try to debug the problem.

    Or maybe try redowloading it. There was an issue with 91.4 the first time and I undid the update until I could push a fixed 91.4.
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    now it works

  • jacob1
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    ): it would really be nice to know how people are getting these broken powder.prefs sometime though
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    ): it would really be nice to know how people are getting these broken powder.prefs sometime though


    A BSoD while having TPT open could possibly do it (already had that happen to me and it was due to a bad driver lol).

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