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    gracias señor Simon

  • Gelix
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    gracias señor Ximon

  • wolfy1339
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    Well, we do have a couple of Un-Official TPT servers that we could switch to in case of a problem.
    @jacob1 is the most active developer/moderator, he deserves admin access to the server. C'mon Simon show up already!
  • Gelix
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    What is everyone complaining about? Has simon done something you dont like?

  • Mrprocom
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    @Gelix (View Post)
    @Simon is the admin of the server and the entire game. He is the one who created the website and improved the game from what it used to be and he is the only one who can release official TPT updates and improve the website a bit, but sadly, he is very inactive now, last time he showed up was a month ago.

    Now we want him to give server access to another moderator (probably jacob1 since he is the most active one) so that we don't have to worry about him disappearing forever.
  • Gelix
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    It only make sense that he should give jacob1 server access. What would happen if simon dissapeared forever? Then TPT would also be gone forever! Maybe if the moderators pester him enough he will give in and give someone elese server access. So is that why no updates have come out lately? Please give @jacob1 server access @simon!

    I know its a joke but I may as well say "gracias señor Ximon"

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  • Pix86
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    Hey if anyone is interested I did a little research and found simons e-mail.

    Here it is:  [redacted - this is not the correct Simon]



    PS:  Plz don't ban me simon i'm only helping the other moderators

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    I'd like all the bugs with the site to be fixed, and releases to occur more often than "never". This would mean either Simon being more active, or someone else having access to the server.


    @Pix86 (View Post)

    That is entirely the wrong Simon. Email address removed so that an innocent person does not get pestered by hundreds of TPT users.

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