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    Hmm, that all makes sense.

    Yes, all the UI except the element buttons and element menus are drawn after.

    Found a new bug where loading a stamp and then pressing the save a stamp button before putting down the stamp crashes it (blue screen).

    I can't get the snake game on the blue screen to do anything but sometimes go towards the left.

    Are the two vote buttons supposed to be extra close?

    You should make it so long-clicking in the stamp viewer on a stamp to delete it since it is hard to press the tiny (-) in the top right.

    You should replace the small pause button the bottom right whith another big one in the top right. Holding it down could be like pressing 'f'.

    Mabye another button to toggle the HUD, holding it would toggle the debug HUD.

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    The stamp bug was reported earlier and is fixed now. The next version might not be for a while though, I've been working on the next version of tpt and after that I need to work on my mod to get it up to date and figure out how it works with the android port inside it.

    The snake game works just fine, although maybe I should prevent you from starting it in the left direction. There are 4 areas of the screen you tap to change the direction.

    The vote buttons are actually one pixel farther apart than they are in normal TPT. That's because they are different colors. In normal TPT the vote buttons are attached to each other.

    Stamp browser suggestion sounds good, ok.

    I'll probably make the pause button wider at some point, but it is easier to press if it is in a corner like it is. And the very top right corner is already erase. I can definitely do the hold down for 'f' thing sometime though.

    I'm not sure if we need a button for the HUD, I'd rather use the room we have for more important things. You can still bring up the on screen keyboard by holding the console button, and then press 'h' or 'd'.
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    Would you like performance info for the Galaxy Note 4, it is the phone I own currently.



    Blank Screen : 60 FPS


    Runs halfway decently with things on screen going on. With a large particle count, performance is not so great, but then again this is just a phone.

    No crashes just yet, loads saves just fine, interface seems to work well.

    Ambient Heat works just fine, no bugs there. 

    Signing in works just fine, I can load or save to my profile with out issue.

    NOTE: The screen is not completely filled by the app, there are borders on the left and right sides of the screen

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    The borders are intentional, I tried turning them off once but it just looked super ugly and stretched.

    @therocketeer (View Post)
    Maybe this port isn't for you then :P

    Hmm, well if you get 60fps on a full screen though that is pretty good, you'll probably be fine.
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    On my asus transformer I got 27 fps on an empty save, and about 3-10 fps on a normal save.

  • asdasdasd31
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    60 fps on Galaxy s5 " game ever 777/10..." 

    P.s heavy saves fall down up to 7 fps :(

    P.s.s With what amount of core its working?

    P.s.s.s Add support for mobile Internet!

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    Mobile internet already works, I don't need to to anything special to support it. I've used the port while away from home without wifi before.