Android TPT port

  • WinstonsDomain
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    Samsung Galaxy S3

    An empty save is rougly 40 fps (25 lowest, 50 highest, jumps a lot)

    Depends on the save but everything seems to work just fine, fps is playable.


    RCA Pro 10 (tablet)

    An empty save is a constant 35 fps, playable

    Everything seems to work just fine - encountered the click offset bug though.


    Are you planning to move it on the play store at some point?

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  • jacob1
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    @WinstonsDomain (View Post)
    I might, i'll just have to figure out how to do that and how much it might cost (I heard $25)

    Also, for anyone having that bug where the touchscreen is calibrated wrong, i've fixed that. I'll probably update it tonight or tomorrow. I want to add in an update check + notifications system first.
  • boxmein
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    Huawei Ascend P6 here: empty save at 47fps, 7fps on Destroyable City 5 :P
  • bwbellairs
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    @jacob1 To fix the buttons poblem (buttons being too small), have 1 button called "Elements" you can press and it switch over to a dedicated screen where you cn select element. Also group names should be on top and the user should have the ability to search for elements as normal in a search box at the top and swipe through the screen

    Edit:Not used to the inert picture interface. Use links instead


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  • greymatter
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    Okay I tested it.
    Phone: ASUS Zenfone 5
    FPS on an empty save: 57 at max, 47 at min, jumps between those values a lot.

    Somethings I noticed:
    >Opening Destroyable City 5 crashed the app, every time I tried it. But most other saves seems to work fine.
    >The taps being detected a bit the left/right problem happens after the app has been left running for some time.
    >Anything that requires me to press the back button on my phone to go back takes some time to happen, and almost immediatly causes FPS drop to low 40s for a few seconds.
    >The buttons being small is quite a problem.

    I second @bwbellairs on a bigger 'elements' button in the bottom right corner, that leads to a screen with elements in the form of a list that can be swiped to the left or right to switch element menus, and with a search box. As for the rest of the bugs, I guess it's upto you to fix it.

    Anyways, once again, really great job @jacob1. The community really needed something like this.
  • jamesb6626
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    Can I just point out that the FPS is normally capped at 60fps, so this is the max that any device will get on a blank screen. To get a better measure of performance on a blank screen you can open the console and type tpt.setfpscap(2000) or some other number. Repeat with 60 instead of 2000 to change back. 

    Some bugs I have:

    • A character will often be deleted when I type in a command in the console, and it is not always possible to get the typing screen to open again without deleting and retyping the command.
    • On my device I get the "misplaced buttons" bug after switching to a different app and back again to TPT again or by just opening the switcher (holding the home button), with all taps being registered at a location closer to the centre of the screen horizontally (in the right place for a touch at X:320 or close to this, max at far right of screen is 640). This can be viewed better by enabling "Show pointer location" in the developer options screen (shows where the touch actually was). This would appear to be a scaling issue, as it is matched at the centre, and for a touch at the far left of the screen the brush circle appears at its furthest position on the left of the screen in the game area (in half).


    Also, I can get the keyboard to open by using something in the app which opens the keyboard (such as the console), closing it, switching apps, then switching back to TPT again, and while this is likely to be a bug this is useful for things like pressing 'D' for debug mode, but as mentioned above this causes the offset for the touches bug. It would be great if it was possible to add a button in the UI which would do this.


    Other than (and even with) those problems, this is brilliant. My device is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, and on an empty screen it gives about 50FPS paused and 41FPS unpaused.


    EDIT: I get a crash when attempting to turn Newtonian gravity off after having turned it on and placed gravitons with the sim running.

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  • logan2611
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Works quite fine

    Empty save 60FPS

    Destructible City got 25 FPS paused and 10 FPS unpaused

  • ChargedCreeper
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    Does this version support the NEON extension of ARMv7?

  • MiningMarsh
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    SHIELD Tablet here, solid 60fps idle, a good 30fps on tri's old cpu save when running a program.




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  • logan2611
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    Half tempted to test this on a pcDuino V3 :3