Element reaction list here!

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    • WATR and ELEC can make OXYG and Hydrogen, splitting the water into the two elements it is composed of.
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    INSL from OIL? Is that true?!



    Some things to point out:
    WATR + NEUT makes DSTW, not HYGN + OXYG. WATR + ELEC splits WATR.

    OIL + pressure does not make INSL

    Other things to note:

    EXOT + ELEC = WARP + ELEC + tons of pressure + tons of heat

    CFLM diffuses VIBR

    ANAR is flammable under CFLM



    BREL with pressure > 10 and temp > 9000 and being sparked slowly turns into EXOT\

    EXOT + PROT explodes into CFLM

     For me some of this stuff does not happen. What game verson do you have?



    Oh oil does not make insull ill edit the thing i has




    I have the newest version, 90.2. Can you tell me what in my list does not work for you?

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    Fusion cycle is bad this is the correct record

    HYGN+[PSI[100/OR MOR]+[TEMP/ To 3000C]= NBLE

    NBLE+[PSI[100/OR MOR]+ [TEMP/ To 6000C]= CO2

    CO2 + [PSI[100/OR MOR] + [TEMP/ ~ 9400C]= O2

    and a surprising change O2= BMTL or BRMT

    O2+[PSI MAX]+[TEMP MAX]+[GRAVITY + MAX] = BMTL or BRMT  [when the oxygen warms up to the maximum temperature at maximum pressure, it is only necessary to turn it on GPMP ]

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    How do i make p and n scn

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    By brush or by adding SLCN to Molten METL in snapshot 199+