Synergy Computer v.1.0 (29-bit, 1.5hz)

  • Gallium
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    This is pretty cool, but one question. How am I supposed to get my created program onto the computer in-game?

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  • drrs
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    Use the Lua script here


    Save it as synergy.lua in the same folder as tpt.exe and then write dofile("synergy.lua") in the console and a dialog box will come up. Put the name of the binary code file (that is also in the same folder as tpt.exe) in that box and it will load your program into the computers filt rom.

  • 12Me21
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    You should make a machine in TPT that you can use to make programs.

  • drrs
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    Not to necro a thread but I was bored the other day and wrote a (almost) complete emulator and debugger for the Synergy computer to test programs much more easily.

  • jacob1
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    @drrs (View Post)
    Cool! Are you going to release it when done?
  • drrs
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    Yeah I will get it uploaded to my github soon.

  • Synergy
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    That looks great. Good thing I checked in. Let us know if you ever get around to uploading to github.

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  • CALVIN1390
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    but can it play youtube

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