How to make a engine in powder toy?

  • buggie00
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    Can someone show me to/make a tutorial on how to make a engine in powder toy? I dont care if it has moving pistons or not

  • Loadstar
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    You cant make an engine in tpt, its always an fuel burner, its just an recoiless motor. You can add pistons to make it more realistic but without moving solids there is no way to make one. 

    You need a fuel store, a few cylinders(if car motor), an ignition mechanism and an exhaust

    You need:

    - fuel store

    - cylinders (fuel burning chambers)

    - ignition mechanism (it depends on which fuel you use)

    - exhaust


    You will also need to apply electronics for the ignition mechanism and for the fuel transport in the cylinders.

    You too have to consider the gas physics after burning the fuel in the chamber to let it out and produce pressure in the right direktion. 


    You dont need an tutorial for it, just type in motor or engine and look how these guys manage it and try to understand it and build youre own prototype. After reading this you should know how it works, good luck mate =).

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  • MachineMan
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    If you want to make a fuel cell engine, take a look at mine to see how it works.  If you wanna copy, give credit.