How to suggest an element

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    This post has been removed: not an element suggestion thread
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    I accidentally suggested something here, so now I delete it. Please use this as a reminder not to suggest stuff here

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  • jward212
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    or... make a mod simular to the stkm portal script that does that

    did you read rule 4 no stkm suggestions. There was heaps before and all rejected.

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    @au5513lr (View Post)

    And also this isn't an element suggestion thread.

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    I somewhat regret leaving this thread unlocked
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    Can't you lock it now?

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    Can I ask how come elements aren't added anymore? (Well as often)


    I've always wondered why. I remeber when TNT wasn't a thing, and I think that more good ideas like that should be added. Also locking this thread is probably a good idea. :/

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    @TD23ASUS (View Post)
    Two reasons: one being that only Simon can trigger a new release (eg fresh builds and an update notification), even if development is going on a lot in the develop branch. The other because we really don't know what to add :O