-oOo-more fuel mod-oOo-

  • jward212
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    fixed it, deleted line 254 the other stuff wasn't needed

    hope you enjoy the mod

    any suggestions, just ask

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    I also dont like very much the ln2 and coal transitions so i deleted them as them break some saves and can you post here a bit of code of interactions? im trying  to code but my element just supports 1 reaction oh and i also made a crude refinery id:1610545 may bug a bit when opening.

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    i'll add a button that makes it not able to break vanilla saves(disables or changes some reactions), also acid is more realistic so water dilutes it and won't vapourize into caustic gas(best to let you know for save breaking reasons). Noted the crude oil transition wasn't working that good i'll fix that.


    The reaction for jetfuel, might add a catalyst for the reaction so kerosene is the product from distilling.

    should i add a element called catalytic mixer

    or add a base element called catalyst and puting it in a certain shade makes multi element  machines with many uses. kinda like most Greg tech multi blocks machines


    mind if I add your save to a soon to be list of saves on this topic


    this update contains a button on the side click it and turn the thing on for vanilla save settings (disabled ln2, coke reaction and acid settings)and off for the mods. resets when you go on so just remember...

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    You can add the id if you want and also i like gregtech too, i made the blocks in powder toy :) and ill update after you read this comment so i keep my refinery up to date.

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    i'll try to add catalst to the next update(1.2)... does the button I added help; so you don't have to edit the script every time you update?

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    need ideas to add for 1.3

    current changes in 1.3

    -n2h4 and n2o4 now freeze

    I know thats all so give ideas  

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    @tmo97 (View Post)

     1.coke can melt metal burns about 1400'c

     2.i'll see, n2o is explosivish

     3.maybe, but hydrogen sublimes(when cooled gas goes to solid)

     4.another maybe, could add an option on the side that you manully have to set for better states of matter

     5.The production of N2H4 contains chemicals not in the mod


    I changed it for realism, IRL you heat up ammonium nitrate to product n2o. I added amfo 96% ammionium nitrate 4% fuel oil. so just heat some amfo up... in the save list there is reactions 1.2 check that out

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    so what uses will you have for a coke solid

    sorry ,I meant LN2O things also explosive and liquid are n2o4 ,n2h4, desl, ptrl, kero.

    yes hydrogen has weird state of matter gonna look up a phase diagram and base it of it.

    needing to making a wiki page or thread for the reactions, just working on other lua stuff i'm sure will be cool