My first mod: Mo' Explosives

  • sfsjunior
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    Hi people! I've created a simple mod that adds some explosives;

    PWEX - Powder explosive, auto-explicative.

    FLTE - Zero-gravity explosive (floats in the air, just like gravity powder)

    BPWD - Black powder.

    NCLS - Nitrocellulose. Also called gun Cotton, explodes easily and lets things pass trough, deforming like goo.

    MLTV - Molotov. Slow burning liquid. -Not complete, may not work well

    ALCH - Alcohol. Fast Burning liquid

    FRAG - Activated by fire or electricity

    Neutron bomb(NBMB) - Similar to plutonium fission, but don't lets nuclear waste.

    Time bomb(TBMB) - Not complete yet...

    World disruptor(DRPT) - Destroys, pixel by pixel, everything placed in the world before him and then destroys itself. (please place one particle and wait it autodestroy, more than one at the same time can bug them and they stop working until reloading tpt)

    I'l try to update it weekly, with more and more explosives.

    It's my first mod, so it won't be so good...


    This mod also unhide some itens as :



    -EMBR and


    And the mod changes the name of NBLE to HLUM(helium) and its color to blue( iwas just testing if i can change things as theese)


    Thanks for your attention!


    If you want, there are some stamps too, in the same github repository 


    Link for GitHub page (all mods)



    How to make NCLS: mix sponge and nitroglycerin

    How to make MLTV: mix Alcohol with oil


     Suggestions are always welcome! Please suggest new elements for the

    mod here in this thread. :D



    Just find "download zip" and click.


    Then unzip it and you will have 2 lua mods + some stamps 


    [PLEASE IGNORE You can delete it]


    EDIT: People, can you help me? I want to post  an image from my computer to help you downloading the mod, can anyone tell me how to do that? Thanks!


    known bugs:

    -DRPT bugs if you delete it or click "erase everything" before it destroys all the world. I am trying to solve this, it happens because it uses an global variable that only resets when it ends the destruction. Ah! and you can solve this by typing "counter = 0" in console! EDIT: you can place DEBG(de-bug) to unbug the DRPT.



    Update 0.2.0:

    Bug corrections, added another way to fabricate MLTV and NCLS

    AH! And if anyone tries to use GROW particles, give up. It's an preview of what i'l add in future uploads and i forgot to delete it from the release code

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    Not too shabby +1

  • nijalninja98
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    I have been waiting for something like ALCH, it'll be good in engines

  • sfsjunior
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    @nijalninja98 (View Post)

     Thanks! More suggestions like this are welcome!

  • NuclearBear
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    @sfsjunior (View Post)


    You should add-


    Phone Bomb (PHBM),


    Only explodes when electricity is passed to it.


    The explosion is a mix between smoke , fire , and broken electronics.


    And when it explodes it turns into a small mushroom cloud.


    Frag Gernade (FRGN)


    Solid explosive\

    Dark Green

    Emmits an explosion of Fire , broken metal , and smoke.

    when fire touches, there is a delay of about 3 seconds.




    Dirty Bomb (DYBM)


    Solid Explosive/

    Dark Gray

    Nuclear Explosive in general.


    Only explodes when touched by Spark.


    The explosion emmits what you would get when you mix plutonium and Nuetron.




  • sfsjunior
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    @NuclearBear (View Post)

     Ok, i'l try! Thanks!

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  • sfsjunior
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    @NuclearBear (View Post)

     OK! Hello!

    I could not work in the mod last month, but i had time this week and this is the result!

    Three elements added:

    Frag grenade (FRAG) - Activated by fire or electricity

    Neutron bomb(NBMB) - Similar to plutonium fission, but don't lets nuclear waste.

    Time bomb(TBMB) - Not complete yet...

  • KydonShadow
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    @NuclearBear (View Post)

     most of those suggestions seem like something you would make a pro-terrorism save with... Also, they seem kinda useless. Useless as in they seem like 'lazy elements'. Thye are for no purpose other than to make it easier to create some effect/event.


    Also: I dont see how a phone bomb, the sizeof your hand, would be able to create a mushroom cloud. The reason a mushroom cloud is created in a nuclear explosion is because of the way a nuclear bomb is set off: a little ways in the air. A phone bomb wouldnt be able to create this, so I wouldnt add it. But it is your mod.


    Frag grenades aren't always dark green, or even green for that matter. Also, it isn't fire that sets them off. It would be better if it were only spark, through either metal or some other conductor of your choice. I would at least make it differently. But it is your mod.


    A nuclear explosive in a single particle? Doesn't make much sense in my book. Then there is the 'The explosion emmits what you would get when you mix plutonium and Nuetron' part. Problemo numero uno: If you use one pixel of proposed 'DYBM', it is implied that you will get plutonium and neutron, creating at least 2 particles from 1. Breaking the Law of Conservation of Matter/Mass. If it truly is what you get when you mix Neutron and Plutonium, well then a new element has to be created.

    Also, a nuclear bomb can already be made, therefore enforcing the fact that DYBM seems like nothing more than a 'lazy element'. I would not add this one. But it is your mod.


    Thank you.

  • Armytankman
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    what about if you add KMKE its a kamikaze with the shape of a FIGH with red head and it follows the player until it is near and then it explodes like C4

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