Powder Toy Multiplayer Script

  • jacob1
    13th May Developer 0 Permalink

    what to do if I cannot type in the chat and can only copy the ultimata in the mod

    The current version of tptmp is not compatible with TPT-Ultimata. Try using vanilla TPT instead, and it will fix your issue.
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  • jacob1
    4th June Developer 0 Permalink
    Very minor update:
    Version 1.0.3:
    Compatibility with the snapshots and TPT 96.0
    Fix issue in jacob1's mod where the F1 and ctrl+h hotkeys were disabled

    This will fix compatibility with mods like TPT-Ultimata and the snapshots. The update isn't required to join the server, but you should update anyway.
  • Redstonenerd
    9th June Member 0 Permalink

    Can you please make an android version of this soon, I would very much love this lua mod if It were compatible with android too.

  • TPTSortaGuy
    20th June Member 0 Permalink

    How do I make a server?


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  • Akry0s522
    22nd June Member 0 Permalink

    si vous avez un serveur a recommender je veux bien car actuellement je n'ai pas d'ip et de port merci

  • TPTSortaGuy
    10th July Member 0 Permalink

    @Minecraftien522 (View Post)

    Uh... what are you saying?


    Also, can you make an ability to make a protected room? (One that requires a password to enter) That can help with preventing unwanted trollers.


    Suggested commands:

    /privatesetpass PASSWORD - sets a password

    /privatejoin NAME PASSWORD - joins a private room

    If you type /join NAME OF ROOM WITH PASS, it will tell you:

    "Sorry, but this room is private. To join this room, use /privatejoin NAME HERE, PASSWORD HERE"

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  • BoNeTy
    29th July Member 0 Permalink

    I have a question why it doesn’t work for android, because it is most likely possible to make it work, so why don’t you do?

  • jacob1
    29th July Developer 0 Permalink
    @TPTSortaGuy (View Post)
    You can use /private for this. That sets the room to private. Then, /invite the players you want.

    @BoNeTy (View Post)
    It isn't possible to give all the features to Android users. Most notably, chat wouldn't work. Typing into the tptmp chat would block the game from running, and thus would cause major desyncs every time you try to talk.
    Also, I never added support for the alternate button layouts and controls in the Android version. tptmp doesn't know stuff like stamps work on Android, every time you load a stamp other players would see you drawing elements. This is glaring flaw, I couldn't let a Android clients connect with bugs like that.
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