Powder Toy Multiplayer Script

  • jacob1
    13th May Developer 0 Permalink

    what to do if I cannot type in the chat and can only copy the ultimata in the mod

    The current version of tptmp is not compatible with TPT-Ultimata. Try using vanilla TPT instead, and it will fix your issue.
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  • jacob1
    4th June Developer 0 Permalink
    Very minor update:
    Version 1.0.3:
    Compatibility with the snapshots and TPT 96.0
    Fix issue in jacob1's mod where the F1 and ctrl+h hotkeys were disabled

    This will fix compatibility with mods like TPT-Ultimata and the snapshots. The update isn't required to join the server, but you should update anyway.
  • Redstonenerd
    9th June Member 0 Permalink

    Can you please make an android version of this soon, I would very much love this lua mod if It were compatible with android too.