Powder Toy Multiplayer Script

  • EasyYT
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    What happens if get to a newluacode.txt from TPTMP?

    i came from Laptop.

    IS THIS REALLY reveal i am?



    note: Dont ban it now or remove, because i am annoying, so please.. simon.

  • RomanFox2
    3rd January Member 0 Permalink

    console:1: ')' expected near '1'

    console:1: ')' expected near '1'


    I don't know what mods you all use for this to work. I'm using the official TPT copy.

    EDIT: Nevermind that. I had to replace the autorun.lua file with the script manager's file to get this. Thanks for the help though!
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  • jacob1
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    @RomanFox2 (View Post)
    You copied the install command wrong. Be sure to type all this:

    tpt.getscript(1, "autorun.lua", 1)