Lua Element Creator

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    i'm not talking about a whole mod. if you spent some time playing around with lua it wouldn't take too long to create something. lmao

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    How do I make element transitions? I am using the GitHub release because it is the only one that works for me.

    Transitions are easy, something like this:, "HighPressure", 50), "HighPressureTransition", elem.DEFAULT_PT_DUST)

    This would make "myelement" transition to DUST at pressures > 50. If you have two custom elements you want to transition into each other, there is one caveat. You need to put the transitions below where both elements are defined (because when saying element A transitions to element B, both must exist for it to work)

    There's also Temperature transitions and Low transitions

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    Yeah, looking at other people's code is definitely the best way to get into making TPT elements. There isn't any good guide for it, and reading the API reference is nice once you know what you are doing, but not for trying to make your first element.

    I've wanted to make an actually good element creator for a while ... but that probably won't happen. My idea was that it would be in game, you could edit properties and reactions on the fly in some interface.
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    When I click the download link I get this message from dropbox saying It says this when I want to download.

    This is what is says when I try to download. Its been like this for like a week.

    Is there any other way to download?

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    Hi! I just want to ask: Can somebody make a help site for this crator? I don' know what means air drag and others like this. Please help.

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    Apparently you've hit the traffic limit, and the github repo doesn't have any executables. I can't follow the guide from the wiki because I can't find the src folder.

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