How do you create an atomic bomb?

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     I know exactly how to make a simple bomb; get some nitrogen, coal, and plasma, and boom, an explosion. But how do you make a nuclear explosion? If anyone knows, please tell me.


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    It's actually not that difficult. One basic nuclear bomb design is to surround a circle of PLUT with a thin shell of METL, which only serves to contain the PLUT long enough for it to react. Surrounding the METL shell will be a thick shell of TNT, which will create the pressure needed to trigger the PLUT.

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    Fission Class:



            -Circle of BMTL with deut in the middle. Setting the life to a higher variable increases explosion strength. Set  off with NEUT for NEUT explosion or PROT for PROT explosion. Creates higher pressure than PLUT, but no LAVA or URAN.



             -Circle of something surrounding it. (make it weak) Use pressure or NEUT to set it off. Creates LAVA and URAN.


    Fusion Class:

        -EXOT Draw a circle of something weak, fill near to the top with EXOT and at the very top add BCLN ctype ELEC. Wait for the EXOT to soak up some ELEC.


        -Gas - Apply extreme heat and pressure to these gases (Extreme gravity for oxygen): HYGN, NBLE, CO2, oxygen. Each one needs more pressure and heat in increasing order, and produces the next one after fusion. Also creates PLSM and subatomic particles. Each one stronger than one before. Oxygen creates molten BMTL when undergoing fusion.

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    By the way, a simple one is just alternating circles of DEUT and HYGN, surrounded by NEUT. (!set life deut 65535 helps a lot)

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    Only good bomb i know is a neutron bomb (a tank filled with compressed duet)

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    use this on distructuble city you have 1 pixle or realy thin layer of brick a large layer of uran abother of plut then make a hole and fill it with neut then un pause it. its buitifull!

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    To make a seriously powerful explosion, use alternating rings of BCLN and SNOW with ctypes of PLUT, DEUT, LIGH, SING[for SNOW only, set tmp of snow to 10000] or ELEC [for fusion]. For a version that can be activated, use PBCN instead

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