Brilliant Minds of the Navy

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    Currently the biggest, most active group in all of TPT and TPTAPI with 131 members!!!




    (NOTICE: The only reason this is up is because this is the only way of getting a group known. Once Simon or someone else can make it otherwise, this is the best alternative. If this seems unnecessary, having a topic for a group, then please message me instead of closing the topic.)




    Have you ever wanted a spot in a form of leadership? Ever want to command? Well then, come join this group, Brilliant Minds of the Navy! You will get the chance to lead. To command. You will see just how great you are at it too. Plus if you just wanna make some pretty dang cool stuff, that works too.




    This is also one of the only groups where even the lowest ranking members get their own rights!






    We now have a group on the TPTAPI website! To join, click this link and scroll down until you find BMN. It isnt too far from the top.




    Officer Positions are now OPEN! But you will have to go through a kind of grace period before we decide what positions to put you at.




    Join the BMN Chat! Click the link here to join BMN Chat and talk to online members. (NOTE: do not join if no one is there.)




    We now have a website! Click here to check it out, as it seems to explain everything a bit more than I can. Github link




    Credit to Bowserinator




    But seriously though, if you wanna join, go ahead and submit a registration! It can't hurt to try a new group.




    Brilliant Minds of the Navy. Everybody has the potential to be a leader, and now, you have the chance.

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    I'll I was born in the U.S and will die in the U.S.

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    Chain of Command



    If a spot is "OPEN" then it means that someone may be promoted soon to fill that position. If there are multiple "OPEN" spots for a position then multiple people may be promoted to fill those positions.

    (CO) means Commanding Officer or "in charge of the group"

    (XO) means Executive Officer or "second in command"

    (AC) means they are part of the Admirals' Counsel

    (MOC) means they are part of the Middle Officers' Counsel

    (LOC) means they are part of the Lower Officers' Counsel


    - Fleet Admiral (AC) -


    Admirals -

    (XO)Hopian Cacophony FeynmanLogomaker wolfy1339 nijalninja98 OC39648 dom2mom INV minecraft-physics

    Commanders -

    sandwichlizard benthecrazy nucular io Protcom H4zardz1 

    Lieutenant Positions (LOC) -

    PyroDude ShadowPlasma Amy Box-Poorsoft DarthGhostBuster JamesB



    Warrant Officers

    UC17 Schneumer



    Enlisted Rates




    Petty Officer Rates




    Bowserinator Fireball5000 HMMurdock johnpears ShadowNinja16 ShadowPlasma 159819 akronmantpt arsanyo aryaj Atomic10 BrickBuiltStudios C_D_Pro CeeJayBee ceejaybee2 cowman1234 cracker1000 Cschuttey CycroEnerugi deathwish1234 drogtar explosivepowder gajawesomeness gamer1234 Gary55 GodOfEarthAndAll guiopd HitlerSucks iamdumb jay301 KB kkawesome killerchickens konsole Lord_Herobrine MadisonSilver madnoodle ManDan mecha-man meganuke9 MiningMarsh nicolasgaymer777 NUCLEAR_FOX physicsrocks powder_generator purplepuppys13 RROONNAANN RCAProduction Sails23 Skitz store20 stuntmaster12 Talas theeboris TheGamersGroup TheNumberCrucher TPTCreator tronboy9309 VIP84 wardwi Wrhub xetalim Xoner YouCantHandleTheWojo


    Banned Users

    CatAnimation (+alts)


    Probationary Members:




    BMN Home Page:



    Group Partnerships

    This section is for the groups that BMN is partnered with, and working on setting them up for more members.

    KMP Team


    Spectral Brotherhood

    Brotherhood of Saves

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    I may as well join.

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    Of course. Just submit your registration.

  • Schneumer
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    nope. patriotism doesn't exist (for the most part) in my vocabulary. im just not a patriot. sorry :P

    do you really have to be a die-hard patriot?

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    You don't exactly need to be a patriot. Just have a love for doing stuff, and a desire for a leadership position.


    Not really, no. I just put that there as a joke.

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    Brother group The U.S. Veterans.

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    Yes, it will. I don't see why not.


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