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    TFGen (Font Generator for Texter) is used to easily generate font for Texter from your existed home-made fonts (e.g. normal saves, or say, art work).

    It can be used individually, but you would like to try Texter out :)

    Bug report, feature request and Font (for texter) share is welcomed, just post,




    Rocket Jump Usage:

    1. After installed the script, enter TPT and press Ctrl + Shift + T.

    2. After entered TFGen mode, use mouse to select character area, one glyph in each rectangle

    3. Press Enter to confirm selection, then edit them, assign character, etc.

    4. Press the Submit All button, then you can use your new font with Texter!




    Normal Usage:

    *In glyph selection mode, use left mouse button to selection an area and create glyph, right click will undo the last selection, space bar will cancel the progress and return to normal game, enter will confirm your selection and enter editor mode. After version 0.3.0, you can use additional commands:  shift + right click will undo all the glyph with a prompt, ctrl + right mouse button drag will delete all glyph in the rectangle. Hold shift when select will trigger Array mode, and hold ctrl will trigger Split mode, those modes will try to automatically create glyph with given selection and few parameters.

    *In editor mode, you can use mouse wheel to circle the glyphs, or press the Prev or Next button. Shift + mouse wheel can circle even faster.

    *Glyph panel will appear when enter editor mode, you can use it to tweak your font characters before creating the font file.

     -Name is the id of your new font, it start with letter, contains only lower and upper letters and numbers and _ .

     -Char is the character assigned to the current glyph, leave it empty (not "space") will assigned it to "nil", which will be used to display characters not included in your font.

     -Mode is how TFGen should make the font file, 0 will only store the glyph shape: empty space as 0, non-empty is 1, that's it. +1 will store the ptype of particle in addition, +2 will store docolor. Add the options up to given a hybrid order.

     -Auto Assign is for quick assignment, by assign continuous character to your glyphs in order. It uses a binary switch: 0 means clear assignment, +1 is assign numbers, +2 is assign upper letters, +4 is lower letters, +8 is symbols, Add the options up to given a hybrid order. Symbols' order is not the same with ASCII order, but this:  *space*`-=[]\;',./~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:"<>? That's the sequence of all symbols then shift-symbols on QWERTY keyboard.

     -Font height is applied to all letters, you can not change the height of an individual letter. If you'd like to modified the vertical offset of one letter, use Margin instead.

     -Margin Top/Left/Right is the old hoffset/voffset, defined the extra space a letter occupied. Click the plus/minus button to change them, or click the number textbox to edit it directly. Shift click those button
    s can perform a batch edit, which will change the corresponding margin value for all glyph

     -Cancel All is the same as space bar's function which abort the whole process in selection mode.

     -Submit All will confirm your edition, then save the font to local file. If you installed Texter, TFGen will try to mode the font file to the font folder, of course you can ignored it, then the font file will lay in the game root directory, you can manually move it to anywhere that Texter can find it. BTW Texter can also find those fonts in the root directory.



    Demo time!

    If you're to lazy to read, just watch the demo below






    v0.3.2 Feb.17 2013

    * Fixed a stupid bug that glyph height and width are stored incorrectly again


    v0.3.1 Feb.2 2013

    * Fixed a bug that glyph height and width are stored incorrectly


    v0.3.0 Jan.29 2013

    + Array mode and Split mode in selection mode: Array mode let you create arrayed glyph candidates with a normal selection rectangle and rows&columns to array. Split mode let you split your glyph candidates rectangle into smaller grids. Those are for faster and convenient glyph creation. When in selection mode, shift + drag = array mode, ctrl + drag = split mode.

    + Undo All and Area Undo in selection mode: Shift + right click will undo(clear) all your glyph candidates with a prompt. Ctrl + right mouse drag will perform an area undo, which will clear all the glyph candidates in your selection rectangle.

    + You can use shift + scroll to change index by 5 per step in editor mode now

    + Shift + click the "+" or "-" button or the textbox of margin in editor mode will change the margin for ALL glyph at once.

    + Font Baseline displayed in editor mode.

    + Add an option in editor mode to config what information should be stored in font (ptype, dcolor, etc.).

    + Dark background of the current glyph in editor mode for clearer vision.

    + Decoration Color (dcolor) is now stored in generated font.

    * Auto assign is now start from current index instead of always start from the very first one, and will not clear last glyphs, unless you use the clear mode (enter 0 as parameter).

    * Leave empty as default when click for character assignment textbox, margin textbox and other, this is an user friendly tweak.

    * dcolor and ptype is stored as a hex number (but if there's only ptype, it's decimal) like 0xAARRGGBBTT, where TT is ptype in hex, the rest is a double word dcolor.

    * Created characters now will try to get closer to their baseline by margin top.

    * Color and alpha tweak for glyph candidate for better UI.

    * Use mod (%) to clear the index change logic up, how stupid I were.

    * Fixed a bug that margin is not saved in generated font.

    * Fixed a bug that the editor window may be cropped when created a large glyph.

    * Fixed a bug that the glyph matrix of generated font occasionally become blank.


    v0.1.0 Jan.27 2013

    + Initial release

    + Create Texter Font (with .texterfont extension) from saves

    + Embedded font Editor


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    oh my god
    this is
    you finally gave all those font saves a point
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    :O      Awesomeness, me goes and informs feynman and other font makers of your awesomeness so that they can see it too.    This will come in handy.  Also, would this work in other things, too?  Like beside fonts?

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    @cj646464 (View Post)
    It works with pretty much everything with NONE vs element in the area
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    @cj646464 (View Post)

     Sure, try it out :)


    Version 0.3 is released! Bug fix, Array&Split mode, dcolor support, area undo, fast scroll navigation and more, check out the changelog! ( If you feel sick reading long changelog, just try it out!)

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    What should I save the file as?

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    @snail (View Post)

     Save as .lua script file, of course

    If you have problem or something go wrong, try download the package and extract it to you game folder



    Check the forum to see how to use lua scripts


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    well, besides the beforementioned 'if( foo )then' and 'foo~=nil' its pretty much not badEDIT: ohh yeah, many typos and incorrect grammar
    P.S. 'cancel' is the correct spelling