• jacob1
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    I think the font is a separate script. Fonts can be installed separately, I think there are two valid fonts for it

    You can check / install the other font when the script server is working again. It's down due to windows updates downgrades.
  • Alexwall
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    Does this count as an art generating script :^)

  • 123me
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     The reason why is the Windows 10 upgrade. I have yet to use this script!

  • PowterBalls
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    jacob how do i use texter on your mod? did you have to make it more complicated by replacing ctrl - t with a help message?

  • jacob1
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    It uses the interface api, which isn't supported in my mod. The interface api will likely be rewritten at some point in the future to be better and more powerful.

    There is an alternate method of using the script which works in my mod (which is also what I use). It's pretty simple, you just use a console command. I don't remember the exact command but it does tell you in the help message.
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  • Matera_the_Mad
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    Since this thread was necroed by The Jacob Himself, I feel safe posting here. I was wondering, with the possibility of updates breaking the script, if it would be worthwhile creating new fonts for it. There are certain things I like about it, particularly the use of separate font scripts. On the downside, I haven't had much luck getting it to do linespacing properly with a large font. It ignores my font's height parameters.


    Because of that, I am at the same time creating a modification of jBot-42's Lua Text Generator, which may end up being my finished product. It accepts my dingbat fionts gracefully and does exactly what I want with less stress.


    If anybody has any thoughts ~


    My reason for sudden obsession with fonts is that it occurred to me that a Dingbats type of font would be useful for creating structures made of repeated motifs that might be used in different saves. Bridges, cranes, walls, lattices, decorative borders, etc. I am pleased with the results so far. Typing a brick wall is less tedious than pasting. It can reduce numbers of stamps, and saves time drawing small odd shapes.

  • PowterBalls
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    Well, jacob, not everybody's a programmer. I have no clue how to use the command.

  • BrianTheEngineer
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     Has the interface API been rewritten yet? Sorry but I could not understand how to use the command.

  • East_Europe3339
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    +1 to everyone! And i cant use this script. NOTHING SHOWS UP


    edit: jacob1 necroed so i feel safe agreed with Matera_The_Mad


    edit: aww sad. but...maybe there will be another texter...and somebody will make it. i said enough

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