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    Ok guys this is my new thread (i locked the old one) where i will only post releases. If you would like to post a suggestion send me a private message. In this post you can post bugs, creations using this mod or your personal opinion. absolutely DO NOT post links to your mods.Anyway heres the links for it and description here:

    Updated to a current version
    (may be a few bugs now since code has changed a bit since last version and im not quite used to it yet.)

    Bugs fixed:
    Milk turns straight to Whipped cream-now fixed
    Milk to Cream temp fixed
    Chocolate to Melted chocolate temp fixed
    Fixed so that now you can save creations (but ony play on mod of course)
    Some foods now catch on fie

    Elements Added:
    Melted Chocolate(MCHC)
    Whipped Cream(WPDC)
    Candy Corn(CDCN)
    Sugar water (SGWT)

    Element Properties:
    Milk-turns to cream at high temp
    Coke- Eats up Blood
    Blood-does nothing,yet
    Chocolate-Melts to melted chocolate-Heals Cook(STKM)-its a special chocolate
    Cheese-does nothing,yet
    Melted Chocolate-does nothing yet
    Sugar+Yeast=Cake(any added sugar or yeast will expand cake-But it will not work adding itthe the normal element cake-it has to be specially made)
    Cream-pressureizes into whipped cream
    Whipped Cream-Does nothing yet
    Candy Corn-Hurts Cook(STKM) cause its a lolly its unhealthy
    CAKE if choosable cake it does nothing, yet
    Sugar Water-made from water+sugar
    Batter - turns to cake around 300 degrees
    COCA-add to milk to make cake

    Win32/64 Compiled: V4.0

    Linux Compiled: V3.0

    Mac compiled: V3.0

    Source: V4.0

    here are some download links of version 4.0 (they run, untested besides that):

    SRC: Food Toy
    WIN32: Food Toy
    OS X: Food
    LIN64: Food Toy

    download count:
    win32/64 : 2337
    Source: 441

    These links will ALWAYS be latest so do not ask for link..........
    And remember, the win32 should also work on 64-bit windows machines as well as 32-bit

    HAVE FUN!!!

    copyright 2010 Simon,Developers,HardWIRED and respective owners
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    Can you put the source in a separate file please? ^^ pretty please? :P
    I'll provide the *nix builds if you do :P
  • yew101
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    yea sure gimme a sec
  • HarmonicFarts
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    Might wanna switch the links.
    Cause Win32 is the source
    And source is the compiled version.
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    Uh... it can't always be the latest links because you can't edit your topic after 7 days.
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    edit it every 5 days.
    add a letter or remove one.

    If you do it right, you can make a pizza
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    yay i like i like i made an oven ... and a whiped cream maker you put milk in and thenout the bottom it lets out whipped cream

    you guys should add cocao [COCA] this would be a pwder that when mixed with milk it makes chocalate and btw what are cheeses functions gona be?

    another sugestion batter [BTTR] when heated to 300c turns into cake
  • wikku9
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    9.7MB ? WTF
    ah its source
    you put source as compiled and compiled as source :D

    chocolate has too high melt temperature, minimally 30*C
  • yew101
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    If you would like to post a suggestion send me a private message.

    and cheese - i dunno use.

    changing links aound now...

    chocolate has 2 high melting temperature

    yeah bt it starts at 22-27 to start with, but it is a bit high, i guess cause all the emps are not normal in there
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    How about sugar water.
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