Official contest - We need your art!

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    974 isn't divisible by 4, so there are some weird glitches with the smaller one. Saves at full size don't load, and pixels near the right side of the screen don't get reset.

    Edit: Okay, 976 is better. Hopefully you won't need to upload more, you've already uploaded 16 things!
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    upload it to a genius image hosting site like imgur or imageshack or ehost which died;
    Direct link is what you need to put in the box below (usually ends with a filename like .png)
    <img src="" width="100%" />
    buh really just replace the link I placed here with your own
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    ? im sorry im cofused

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    Oops, changed to 976.

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    You upload it somewhere (such as,, or, then post a link to it in this thread.
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    but i dont know how to upload becuase i cant find my saved work

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    Well, this is where I figure users like Maniak, Arthurouta, M_Shinoda, BullitShark, ThatKeiiidjj, and I will be pretty happy. If not, then it's only me.


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     I am actually not sure how to take a snapshot of this tpt art thingy. Do we need a camera, or is there a program that takes snapshots for us?


    One last thing, can it be like this save:


    Or perhaps where you help other people here:


    Or just decorating your functioning simulations?


    (Not an advert, I don't intend for anyone +1'ing it.)

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    Your boxshot image is kinda wrong, btw :-P It must be 480x600, not 600x480.

    As about profile header images, they are bloated and with too many fire.

    Also, you mustn't put any signs in your picture.



    Well, I doubt that a person who doesn't know what is TPT will understand the meaning of your picture. It looks like an universe or galaxy :-) You shouldn't put TPT name on profile header images also.



    Read the first post and no, pictures which don't show anything cool from the game are not needed.

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    I have one question:

    How do you give the picture to TPT?

    I am just wondering.

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    1.Press (P) in the powder toy'
    2.look for a file in the same folder as TPT such as Frame0001.ppm said file in GIMP
    4.Save as PNG (edited)
    5.upload to image sharing site
    6.Give the URL or use HTML code to show it here
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