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  • circovik
    15th Dec 2012 Member 0 Permalink

    I saved pointing it out because it was sort of on-topic

  • jacob1
    15th Dec 2012 Developer 0 Permalink
    the front page comments today were horrible, I deleted a ton and banned one person, then demoted some art, but left other art there. People really hate art, but that doesn't mean they should make hate comments. I deleted almost all comments that were hate comments and all comments referring to them, also comments referring to things like "functional save" and things like that.

    I don't know what caused the massive surge of art saves though
  • Oats
    23rd Jan 2013 Member 0 Permalink

    You probably never will know. I make art saves to get fp whenever my other saves don't make it. (I think I've made blatent of this fact in a few other places). Right now I've got Capcom font on fp with a little aray copier to promote funtionality. It took a short time to make but I think a moderate fp from me. 


    edit: ^^ Not avertising, just pointing out a decent way I thought to avoid evil comments ^^

            You can use my aray copier too just dress it up a bit

  • Box-Poorsoft
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    This post is hidden because the user is banned
  • boxmein
    23rd Jan 2013 Moderator 0 Permalink
    @Box-Poorsoft (View Post)
    I had like one overall and that one was eons ago... :O
    Like before decorations &c...