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  • SalaHyena
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    @Catelite (View Post)

    I do see your point. However, I don't think that absolute Censorship is the best solution in this case. Maybe you should have an agreement the first time you publish a save "You agree not to put too many links to other saves" etc. This way people, who maybe don't visit the forums too often, know the reason for why a save of their has disappeared.

    And atleast don't remove the so-called "Home page" saves permanently. Maybe just make them not to appear on front page, disable the voting for these kinds of saves.

  • Catelite
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    Actually no one ever deletes home page saves, lol.


    Dunno but lol, maybe someday we'll have a thing that puts all the rules in a super nutshell that people can checkmark when they register, but for the time being it's not a huge deal.


    I should probably start commenting on people's saves saying why they were demoted. xD

  • Videogamer555
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    It doesn't bias people to vote for it unfairly, in fact it's likely to make people vote it down because they don't like people who brag or beg for votes. I've senen pleanty of past saves that don't have signs asking for front page status, but they do have signs that say things like "if you like this, remember to vote". I have never voted for such, intentionally because I don't like people asking for votes. So moderator, I disagree with your argument that it will unfairly succede in getting votes, as in fact I believe it does the oposite (gets people to NOT vote or even to down-vote).

  • AngrySpam
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  • randalserrano
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    I think there should be a home page link on the popular tags section that way people can post their home pages and be able to get easy access to them. It would help a lot of people see their creations and it wouldn't break any rules. And in my personal opinion, I think there should be a button that makes it to where people aren't allowed to vote on that save (mainly for the home page saves but for WIP and other saves). That way there wont be any feelings hurt if a home page save gets locked etc. 

  • jacksonmj
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    I don't see the point of home page saves. If you want to see saves by a particular user, you can just search for "user:blahblah".
  • Catelite
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    @Videogamer555 (View Post)

    You say that but the fact still is, the larger majority of people when reminded about votes, tend to vote. :P You're talking about the people who actually read into that stuff, the people who downvote saves for reasons that take longer than a few moments to think about.

  • circovik
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    So should all thinks relating to votes be deleted from saves like wow fp?

  • Catelite
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    ...Basically yes. This has been the rule for a long time. XD

  • R3APER
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    Agreed, to the max. I was waiting for a public reminder after reading FP counters for a while now.
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