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  • Lockheedmartin
    23rd Dec 2011 Moderator 0 Permalink
    Sweeping posts under a carpet just isn't effective anymore.

    Moderator uses "Hide post".

    But wasn't very effective!
  • cctvdude99
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    @Lockheedmartin (View Post)
    Noobs use 'spam-power'.

    It's super effective!

    Moderator fainted!

    On a more serious note... Why not just make it against the rules to post element suggestions? Flame and rage posts will not happen, as they'll have nothing to rage at, and persistent suggesters will be banned. Mission accomplished.
    I know it will be hard to enforce and many newbs will be banned, but it's the newb's own look out for not reading the rules. Tough carp.
  • DCBloodHound
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    Then how will we get ideas for more elements?,even the members that have good ideas that can be made into good elements won't get a chance because of the rules.i think it would prob be better to have a long list in the wiki showing which elements have been suggested with good reasons why they were rejected.threads asking.suggesting about elements that were rejected before without any more uses brought forward can simply be locked by a mod with a link to the list.
  • disturbed666
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    @Catelite (View Post)
    whahaha xD

    but still the point that they don't get a penalty for it is a bit unfair(still not the right word XD), if that would be implanted then most people would stop suggesting previously suggested things which would make the forums clearer and stop the spammy post's. Also these penalty's should apply for great necro's which in the last time noticibly rised and is quit anoying. (or just lock threads that are older then a few months without post's that came up it later)
  • Simon
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    In regards to
    It's still fine to refer people to the search bar if they ask for something that's been asked for a thousand times, but please say -just- that, and don't make a big deal of it.

    Only say it once, (That's ONE time) ONCE in the WHOLE thread, if someone has already said it, it doesn't need saying again, there's no need for 2 pages of posts telling the OP to use the search bar.
  • disturbed666
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    @Simon (View Post)
    I thought that that was pretty clear to almost everybody, that's just common sense
  • cctvdude99
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    @disturbed666 (View Post)
    This quote is necessary.


    You would think that common sense ain't that common around here wouldn't you?
  • airstrike52
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    How about just ban cctv? It is well known he creates 96% of rage on element suggestion threads.
  • Lynxrufus
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    This post is hidden because the user is banned
  • MasterMind555
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    @Lynxrufus (View Post)
    Try to keep your calm after over nine thousands "Solids with Physics!!!" Threads.
    It's getting irritating of reading the same suggestions over and over...

    Now I believe everything was said.
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