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    Ok then... what about an element that when you it touches lava, it spurts out a bunch of water as a self defense mechanism? im going wild with these ideas...

    Idk ... ideas that are beyond the scope TPT normally does don't mesh with me. Some other mod others try to do some more complicated things like organisms or wheels or whatever. But the goal of this mod isn't to add multi-particle creatures that can make decisions like "self defense". I think you'd be better off suggesting those to other mod authors, and see what they say.
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    damn, ok, it sounds like powder toy is limited by a lot, i think you devs should work on more ways to add things :\

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    Version 55.2 Released!

    Version 55.0 2023-12-13
    • Boost startup performance, by rendering stamp thumbnails in another thread
    • If stamps still haven't rendered by the time you open the stamp browser, it will pause to wait for it to finish
    • Remove 5000 stamp limit
    • Support stamps.json, from upcoming versions of TPT. stamps.def is still written as well, for cross-compatibility with older versions of TPT.
    • Clicking stamp name now brings up a prompt to let you rename the stamp. Renamed stamps won't show up in vanilla TPT 97.0 or older.
    • Fix issue where PIPE/PPIP created in this mod wouldn't load properly in TPT Snapshots
    • Sync with various vanilla TPT changes from Jan/Feb 2023

    Version 55.1 2023-12-13
    • Canceling stamp rename prompt will now no-op, instead of renaming stamp to ".stm"

    Version 55.2 2023-12-13
    • Fix updater. The previous versions would act as if the update failed, even if it didn't, so you would have to restart the game to apply the update

    In this update, I redid a lot of stamp handling. This fixes the freeze on startup. I have 40 pages of stamps, and it was very noticeable. Now, TPT starts instantly. I also removed the stamp limit.
    Stamp renaming was also added. This feature is coming to the next version of TPT. The PR hasn't been merged yet, but I decided to add it now to my mod.

    I merged a few upstream commits from vanilla. I'll work on merging the rest in the coming weeks. Because the official Android release is my mod under the hood, this is a requirement for 98.0 to release.

    This update had some bugs, so I did some quick fixes with 55.1 and 55.2. Everything should be good now. If you are on 55.0 or 55.1, you'll have to restart the game after updating to complete it.

    Download Version 55.2 for Windows
    Download Version 55.2 for macOS
    Download Version 55.2 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 55.2 for 32 bit linux.
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    Version 55.3 Released!

    Version 55.3 2023-12-16
    • Fix stamps not loading after upgrade

    One last bug. Got several reports on that. It's pretty major, although the stamps list wasn't actually corrupted. It went away if you rescanned. It only affected Windows, Linux wasn't affected only by coincidence, so I didn't notice the bug earlier.

    Download Version 55.3 for Windows
    Download Version 55.3 for macOS
    Download Version 55.3 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 55.3 for 32 bit linux.
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    trojan detected again

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    @abacaxicomuva (View Post)
    You've posted this 3 times now. I'm aware of the false positive, but there's unfortunately nothing I can do about it.

    Can you stop posting that? I can guarantee it's not a virus.
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    How can I stop the windows defender from blocking and removing if I do not have administrator privilages on my device. It immediately deletes the exe.

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    @DataDecay (View Post)
    I don't know if there's anything you can do about that. Your device has aggressive policies of deleting unknown .exes.
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

     ok. I just downloaded an earlier version and it did not delete

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    @DataDecay (View Post)
    Ok. That kind of makes sense. It's only recent versions of powder toy / mods that trigger false positives. Eventually it builds up enough reputation that it stops being untrustworthy.