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    i tried to but it says couldnt match your password

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    Version 45.0 Released!

    Version 45.0 2021-06-21
    Fix potential crash when scrolling options menu. Fix tpt.getscript. Remove error message when checking for updates fails. Add error message in save browser when downloading the saves list fails. Fix being unable to show intro text again after startup. Redo scrolling code and fix issues with scrollbars. It should be much more sane when viewing comments now. Only show .tmp2 for elements which use it by default. Add option to show .tmp2 on all elements regardless. Support home/end, and ctrl/shift variants of these in "new interface" textboxes. Fix ctrl+left/right in "new interface" textboxes. Update to include all commits from tpt++. Major additions are five new elements: SCLN (silicon), PTNM (platinum), VSNS (velocity sensor), ROCK, and LITH (lithium). Custom GoL was also added. Data can now be stored in a common data directory, dependent on system. Windows users have it stored somewhere in %APPDATA%, Linux users in .local/share. Mac users already had this feature. To migrate your data to the common directory, use the new "Migrate to shared data directory" button in the options menu. powder.pref, stamps, saves, and scripts will all be migrated and shared across all post-96.0 versions of TPT. Preferences and downloaded scripts will be migrated from the first migrated instance of TPT only.

    My mod is back! For now at least. I've updated it to include all the changes in the upcoming 96.0 version of TPT, which means 5 new elements. There are also various mod-specific bugfixes. For info on the new elements, check the wiki or the forums. They will be fully documented on the wiki by the time the update is out, but for now you may have to experiment with them. Expect the update by the middle of next month, maybe sooner.

    There appears to be a bug allowing publishing of saves using 96.0 elements. Or maybe it's a feature ... since the code to handle this doesn't exist for vanilla elements. I might patch this later.

    Download Version 45.0 for Windows
    Download Version 45.0 for macOS
    Download Version 45.0 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 45.0 for 32 bit linux.
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    Version 45.1 Released!

    Version 45.1 2021-06-23
    Fix crash when using platform.restart() on Windows - this fixes bluescreens when reloading scripts in the script manager. Block publishing saves that contain unreleased elements / features - this matches the behavior of the snapshots, which currently block the 5 new elements, GoL, and custom ambient air heat.

    One thing to note here, you can still publish default GoL elements in saves, it's only custom GoL that can't be published. This differs from the current snapshot / Cracker1000's Mod behavior which doesn't allow either.

    Download Version 45.1 for Windows
    Download Version 45.1 for macOS
    Download Version 45.1 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 45.1 for 32 bit linux.
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    please help jacob1

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    @ojas (View Post)
    See this post:


    @ojas (View Post)
    You can reset your password here then: https://powdertoy.co.uk/PasswordReset.html
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    i did but it says couldnt match the password

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    Please open a new forum thread with details of the problem, including the exact error message, and where you see it. This thread is for my mod only, and the information you've given me isn't specific enough (because the TPT Website can't print an error message like that for a password reset)
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    Version 45.2 Released!

    Version 45.2 2021-06-28
    Update with latest commits from tpt++. Fix script manager thinking it was out of date. Fix http api (fixes tptmp). Remove debug print in sim.brush.

    If you ever experience bugs in my mod, please let me know, either through the built-in bug reporter, or from this forum thread. Version 45.0 contained a significant amount of changes, so bugs are likely.

    Download Version 45.2 for Windows
    Download Version 45.2 for macOS
    Download Version 45.2 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 45.2 for 32 bit linux.
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     well jacob1 did you abandoned the moving solid?

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