Jacob1's Mod

  • samsonite98765
    3rd May Member 0 Permalink

    the window will not show on linux64 debian

  • jacob1
    3rd May Developer 0 Permalink
    @samsonite98765 (View Post)
    Does vanilla TPT run?

    Try restarting your computer. If you updated your nvidia drivers, then your computer has to be restarted before games will work again.
  • diniumrock
    20th May Member 0 Permalink

    the real problem I'm having is that Script manager won't work :(


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  • emilien54
    23rd May Member 0 Permalink


    i cant find the search button for the elements. do you have remove it ?


    sorry for my bad english, i'm french...

  • jacob1
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    @emilien54 (View Post)
    I removed the button to make space for tabs. You can still use the element search by pressing 'e'
  • emilien54
    11th June Member 0 Permalink

    ok, thanks !

  • InactiveUser123
    14th June Member 0 Permalink

    Is it on android

  • jacob1
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    @Nooboftpt (View Post)
    No, but actually yes

    If you want to play this mod, you'll have to play it on PC
  • ceg
    15th June Member 0 Permalink

    have you fixed the bug where the tools section are ignored by the search bar? i have submitted a bug report like 3 months ago, or are you compiling updates into one

  • jacob1
    15th June Developer 0 Permalink
    @ceg (View Post)
    Your bug report said "I am unable to ctrl+f any element inside the special category"

    I took this to mean ctrl+f for like DMND and other special elements. Can you clarify a bit? Do you actually mean the search menu that comes up when you press e? That would make more sense and I don't believe I've fixed that.

    It's one problem with the way the bug reporter works now, I saw the report within minutes of you sending it, but there was no way for me to reply.