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    Version 44.5 Released!

    Version 44.5 2020-12-28
    Update to TPTMP 1.0.2. This version redoes the user authentication to integrate with a brand new api in the website, greatly simplifying and further improving the security of the authentication process.

    Version 44.5 (build 124) 2020-12-28
    Update to new TPTMP 1.0.2. This fixes token expiration.

    This version is required to join the tptmp server, so update if you wish to use it. Let me know in this thread if you get any issues connecting. It seems to work fine now, although the original tptmp 1.0.2 had a bug that would block connecting if you had used 1.0.1 in the past.

    Download Version 44.5 for Windows
    Download Version 44.5 for macOS
    Download Version 44.5 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 44.5 for 32 bit linux.
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    i like soapworm maker in this mod because when i try to make one , then i got this


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    I'm just going to report a crash in your game. The crash error is: Unhandled c++ exception: bad allocation  

    Briefly, I will explain what events preceeded the crash. First, I'll point out what was not present. I did not have multiplayer active or open at all. I did not experiance any lag spikes or anything out of the ordinary before this occured. Finally, all scripts I had installed had not previously caused any problems at all for at least 40 hours of gameplay with each.

    Now I will go onto explaining the key details surrounding this unexpected crash. I was in the middle of shift-left-clicking into a small empty 7x7 square. I was placing SWCH. I must have placed around 170 7x7 blocks of SWCH when at the exact moment I placed it, it froze, gave me an error, and showed me the coolest hidden game ever. I don't think much could have happened that had to do with the actual simulation since the game was paused the entire time, and the only particles on the screen were SWCH, BRAY, INSL (colored black), and BTRY.


    I played for a few more hours doing the exact same thing. I haven't had any problems. Come to think of it, I did disconnect from the normal server about an hour before the crash. I think it's safe to say that everything is working unless TPTMP gets involved. I'll see what happens when I add TPTMP to the mix.


    I played for 10 more minutes and... nothing.

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    @TiredTech (View Post)
    Thanks for all the details. That's very odd to get this specific error when just shift+drawing lines.

    Can you go into powder.pref, and check what the value of "UndoHistoryLimit" is? The default is 5. I don't recommend going above say, 30. I leave my own at 5. If you increase this number really high, it could cause this crash while doing standard draws, but it depends on the size of the save you have open.

    For more details, "bad allocation" actually means TPT ran out of memory. TPT is a 32-bit application, so has a limit of 2GB of ram. If it ever tries to use more than this, it crashes with that message. But it's supposed to be impossible to get this high without a memory leak. There used to be several notable memory leaks involving stamps, although in vanilla TPT and not my mod (in my mod, I fixed them many years ago). The only way I know of to make TPT crash with bad allocation is to increase "UndoHistoryLimit" too high.
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

     My Windows Defender said this was a virus why is that?

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    @jacktastic200 (View Post)
    Please read the following post on the previous page about the issue:

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    This post has been removed by jacob1: false information. TPT has not, and has never been a virus
  • LBPHacker
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    Cool, I guess you'll have to wait a few months the next time we push an update to vanilla TPT, until Defender magically decides that the binary it has thought to be a virus for months isn't actually one.
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    No TPT is fine i have no problems with that i meant the mod Thats what WD Said had a virus after all it was located in Sytem32 (The file it said was a virus was called Glupteba wich IS a virus)

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    @jacktastic200 (View Post)
    My mod is not a virus either. I would never intentionally put malware in this mod. Also, since I'm a developer of TPT, if I did put a virus in my mod, then you would also expect vanilla TPT to have the same virus.
    (in fact, if I wanted to spread malware to as many people as possible, why not just release a new TPT update? TPT updates are under my sole control)

    To further prove it, here is the current release, scanned on virustotal:

    Here is the same exact file, scanned again (in a more direct manner):

    As you can see, the first thing says there are no viruses.
    But the second link, has this one, single result:
    "Microsoft Trojan:Win32/Glupteba!ml"

    And then 64 other antiviruses all say it's clean. So the one single antivirus (Windows Defender) is having a false positive, which are quite common in antiviruses.

    So I think this is pretty conclusive that Windows Defender is wrong. I'm tired of people claiming TPT (or my mod, or Cracker1000's mod) are viruses, it happens every time we make a new release, for well documented reasons. Virus scanners really don't like .exe files from the internet. Microsoft wants you to use the windows store for releases. But these are not good reasons to say TPT is a virus.
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