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    The readme has info on how to use ANIM. Just search for "Animated LCRY".

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    The script manager is a separate project from this mod. Improvements to the script manager and script server are likely to happen in the future. But right now that project is on hold, I don't even allow new script submissions at the moment.
    The LUA button has two icons, chosen randomly, that's just how it is.

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    Don't respond to posts from 2011, they are irrelevant 9 years later.
    EQVE does exactly what it always has, which is nothing. It's a copy of DUST. It was left in the game for now-irrelevant reasons. At this point it doesn't bother anyone so we just continue to leave it in the game.
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     OK. thank you.

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    Bug with BALL: Idk if you are doing anything with BALL anymore,  but here's the bug. When you drop BALL directly onto a wall, it cuts in half and barely bounces.

    EDIT: got an idea while making a BRAY lazer. we have INDI, how about INDW (indestructable wire)?

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    I'm not doing anything with BALL anymore, sorry.

    I do have some big plans for the mod coming up next year, to help with maintainability and longevity. Since I don't have as much time to continuously update the mod and track vanilla anymore. I don't think BALL will be a part of those plans :P. We'll see what happens, I haven't started those plans at all yet, and for now this mod will update at the same time TPT 96.0 is released.
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    Version 44.3 Released!

    Version 44.3 2020-12-07
    Update to TPTMP 1.0. This version adds some QoL features, and also adds authentication to the TPT servers. This authentication happens automatically on join, and anyone who isn't logged in will be forwarded to the guest lobby. Fix PROP tool being able to set type to invalid (disabled) elements.

    I'm releasing this update so that the embedded TPTMP is up to date. You can read more about what's in the TPTMP 1.0 update here. This release also has a minor bugfix I made months ago.

    I plan to add some of the upcoming 96.0 elements and features early next year, in anticipation of a release. (You could almost say this is blocking the 96.0 release, due to the Android version dependency on my mod).

    Download Version 44.3 for Windows
    Download Version 44.3 for macOS
    Download Version 44.3 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 44.3 for 32 bit linux.


    Version 44.4 2020-12-08
    Update to TPTMP 1.0.1. This version has a minor protocol change and is required to join the server.

    Download Version 44.4 for Windows
    Download Version 44.4 for macOS
    Download Version 44.4 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 44.4 for 32 bit linux.
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     my computer said that this is a virus

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    It's not a virus. Most antiviruses will block any .exe file downloaded from the internet that it doesn't recognize. Every time we release a new version of powder toy, or of my mod, it gets blocked because it's brand new. Eventually, after a week or two, they stop warning.

    If windows defender is blocking you from opening the app, this may help. Otherwise, check your antivirus for a location where you can whitelist the app or report it as safe.
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    Hi i love your mod!

    I have a suggestion, could you maybe add pivot or rotational joints/motors?


    It would be cool to have actual rotating wheels, or have wood connected to a generator joint to make a working water wheel and stuff like that.


    Hope you take this into consideration :)

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    windows sdefender detected ur mod as a severe virus and blocked it