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  • Yzaak1Scifire
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    How i can enter in "secret admin mode"? I got curious about those illuminati thingys.


    Lel 156 page.

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  • jacob1
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    The what?

    Moderators do all of our work on the website. There's barely anything in-game we can do, besides the stuff users can do on their own saves like delete, unpublish, and see the vote counts.
  • yeeterson_peterson
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    JACOB I NEED HELP PLZ!?!?!?!? idk how to run the script on tpt could you give me a step by step on how to run it on mac? also i dont see a lua button.

  • Yzaak1Scifire
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    If you enter on favorites and go to the advanced HUD settings there will be a green elment called PIPE, and then, in description, are those illuminati thingys.

  • jacob1
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    It's just an easter egg, the option used to do something but no longer does. It's inherently on now, due to PIPE's element being moved from tmp to ctype, so no special code is needed for PIPE.

    So then instead of removing the button, I just changed it to be an easter egg.
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     I really like the mod! Good job!!!

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  • SnickTheRanger
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    This is really cool. It seems more optimized than the official version! (I usually get 45-50 fps on the official, but 60 fps using this mod.) It is also a lot simpler to use than Minecraft mods. Instead of going through your whole computer trying to find the mods folder, it's just a separate game that is easy to find and simple to use!


    Also, I love how diplomatically you reacted to the Spike Viper thing.

  • Yzaak1Scifire
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  • edwardsch
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    How to use ANIM?

  • lincolnram
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    Idea: add a searchbar to the built in script manager. I can't code, so I don't know if it would be hard to implement, but sometimes I get frusterated browsing through the 100+ scipts. you may be able to use some code from the main tpt save search bar, but I dunno. and,what about stickwomen? "pipe" says that it enables stickwomen, extreme graphics tm, and secret admim mode. what are theese things? And, why does the LUA button change icons? 

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