Jacob1's Mod

  • ForeveRex
    4th July Member 0 Permalink

    Thx you jacob1. And one question - will you add more moving solids?

  • jacob1
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    @ForeveRex (View Post)
    No, I don't plan to do any more work on BALL or on actual moving solids.
  • PilotLuke
    6th July Member 0 Permalink

    I can't use multiplayer, because everytime i try to join my friends, it says host not found. What is causing this?

  • BillyJean
    24th July Member 0 Permalink

    @jacob1 (View Post)

     your mod crashed and i got a blue screen in game thats telling me to tell you

  • NukaWarrior
    24th July Member 0 Permalink

    Can I use this mod for Android?

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  • RegisteredUser
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    Why there is no GUI functions?


  • RegisteredUser
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    @RegisteredUser (View Post)

     K i made library that adds them (almost fully compatible with existing LUA scripts)

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  • jacob1
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    @RegisteredUser (View Post)
    Interesting, are you drawing the windows yourself with the graphics api?

    Anyway, they aren't supported because many years ago when the new Lua APIs were added to vanilla TPT, my mod wasn't at all compatible with it. These days, it would be, I just don't have the time to add the api to my mod. It could use some changes and improvements, so I'd have to go update the api in vanilla too.

    @NukaWarrior (View Post)
    Funny, the Android port IS this mod.
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  • ArthritisGuy
    18th September Member 0 Permalink

    Where are the moving solids and where can I Download the latest version???

  • stargate38
    21st September Member 0 Permalink

    @ArthritisGuy: Read the first post on Page 1. It has the link to the newest version. Also, if you have an older version installed, it should pop up an update notification in the bottom-right corner.