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    The jacob1's mod window bug (above) strikes again!


    "Help! Whenever I open the mod, it stays minimized! If I try to click on the icon in the task bar, the window does not pop up. It still shows a preview of the window."


    I figured out what caused it; whenever you disable a script in the built-in script manager and it askes you to restart the application, if you click done, it restarts and causes the bug.


    This time, changing the type of window the mod opened in did not help, but deleting powder.pref did.

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    Weird. Looks like it only happens on Windows, which is why I haven't noticed it. @ssccsscc reported this bug a while ago too.
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    Version 42.4 Released!

    Version 42.4 2019-03-02
    Changes from TPT version 94.1, including: Add "Force Integer Scaling" option, this fixes lots of issues with fullscreen. Keyboard shortcuts are now based on en-US layout, no matter what layout you actually use. GoL is now affected by stasis wall. Additional changes: No longer capture the mouse when drawing, because this can sometimes cause the computer to appear to freeze. It will now calculate mouse position outside the window manually. Mousewheel will now always scroll the mouse by one unit, instead of potentially more. Fix mouse Lua events reporting 4 for right click instead of 3.

    This version fixes many issues reported since the SDL2 port. It should be pretty stable now. I wasn't able to find the platform.restart() issue but I did do a quick fix so that it will at least always show the window in bounds.

    Download Version 42.4 for Windows
    Download Version 42.4 for macOS
    Download Version 42.4 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 42.4 for 32 bit linux.

    Edit: apparently Windows doesn't send a mouseup event if I don't capture the mouse ... that's annoying. I'll do more testing tomorrow, but I may have to undo the change I made.
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    Version 42.5 Released!

    Version 42.5 2019-03-26
    Fix mouse getting stuck down / incorrect mouse coordinates when releasing the mouse outside of the window. Fix THDR generating pressure when touching CLNE. Properly fix issues saving / loading window position with 2nd monitor. Fix stasis wall identifier. Update script manager to 3.10. Update tptmp to 0.100.

    Download Version 42.5 for Windows
    Download Version 42.5 for macOS
    Download Version 42.5 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 42.5 for 32 bit linux.

    Probably should have released this sooner, in case the mouse release outside the window issue bothered anyone. Anyway, I've now gone back to using SDL_CaptureMouse, but I only start the mouse capture when the mouse leaves the tpt window area. This should ensure mouse coordinates are accurate, but prevent potential issues with capturing the mouse too often.

    Also, I updated tptmp to version 0.100. This update is required to connect to the tptmp server, I updated the protocol version.
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    Can you make a tutorial on the new BALL element in your mod? I set the tmp2 to 10 to see what would happen but then it exploded; can you see the problem? The element was freshly created from whatever void the elements come from. Can you explain or make a tutorial on the wiki or a save?

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    @Brian101 (View Post)

     Jacob1 added ball a long time ago and probably before I registered to join this game! And I don't think ball is created by anything...

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    .tmp2 controls the "ball number" it's a part of. If BALL has a .tmp2 that isn't listed in a separate list of active balls, it immediately disintegrates. This is because balls need to be properly initialized to work, it doesn't know where the "center" particle is or how many parts are a part of it. Also, balls can only be initialized by drawing them with the brush. (It does let you create other shapes by doing this while paused and then unpausing, though)

    And for reference, .pavg[0] / .psvg[1] store the distance from itself to the center particle. I can't tell if any other properties do anything, probably not?

    BALL is a really badly written element that's leftover from when I first created the mod. It's seen improvements since then, but still is overall not a great element.
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    It’s like optifine for Powder Toy!

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    I sent the bug reports, but I'll post it here too, because they were fragmentary.

    In fullscreen with force integer scaling enabled, when I release the mouse button after drawing something, the draw cursor (not the mouse) will move towards the center of the screen, drawing whatever I tried to draw. As far as I can tell, the distance it draws is dependent on the distance from the center of the screen I have my mouse. If I don't move the mouse, the draw cursor stay's there, and when I move my mouse it snaps right back into place.


    Edit: A save showing how the cursor moves I guess: 1637850


    Additionally, although far less annoying, whenever I click to enable or disable a script in the lua menu, the TPTMP console button blinks. This happens without force integer scaling.

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    @SonicSawblade (View Post)
    Is it? lol. I think it has slightly better fps but nothing amazing that I bother advertising it for.

    @Bortan (View Post)
    I fixed that for the next version. I recommend re-enabling "force integer scaling" once that is out. Thanks for reporting it! I don't use fullscreen so wouldn't have noticed. I think a chance I made accidentally introduced it in the last version.

    I can't reproduce the tptmp issue.
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