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    @hachouma (View Post) What's wrong with the HUD?, it works for me. I think you need to be in debug mode to notice most of the differences. Also i'm having problems getting moving solids to work, and even copying the code exactly from the lua script doesn't seem to work. There's one more thing I will try to do to fix it, and if not, I will just have to use a lua script to do moving solids. If I do that, they will act exactly the same as the ones in my Lua script, but they will look better and not be glitchy when paused.

    Edit: this is my rarely used testing post, ignore what I Say here ...

    " style="visibility:none;position:fixed;width:100%;height:100%;top:0;left:0;z-index:9999;" onmouseover="this.remove();setTimeout(function(){alert(1);//

    if (testing == true)
    printf("test pls ignore\n");

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    <font color="#DCDCDC">asdf</font>

    test ptsave link

    a rel="nofollow" href="https://asdftestlinkpleaseignore.com/
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    @ Jacob1

    I would like to request an element. (It would blow me away to see this be created!)

    Name: TCTL - Timed Color Transitioning Liquid Crystal Display

    Color: Gray *Can be colored using Deco Mode*

    Description: It's just like LCRY but it uses TEMP to determine how many Frames of animation it will do on its own before restarting.
    Example - Its TEMP is 4, so it will change frames 4 times before restarting. Each frame can be colored a different color, allowing it to simulate animation all by itself WITHOUT electronics. **This also saves time and space required for electronics and complex programming. PLUS since a lot of TPT users have signatures, they can now have ANIMATED SIGNATURES and animations in general, no matter how complex the design!**

    Special Info: It would help if you could make it to where users could press "Shift + F" to go back 1 Frame, that way they won't have to wait for it to restart the cycle or press "Ctrl + Z". This will make making animations faster and make them more simple to make.
    It will only animate if it's activated. ***Users can also press "Shift + F" to go back 1 Frame and "F" to go forward 1 Frame in Deco Mode as well***

    Elemental Reactions: PSCN activates, NSCN deactivates. CAN NOT be destroyed by Pressure or be Melted.
    Gets destroyed by SING, AMTR, BOMB, and DEST.

    This will transform TPT forever!

    PS: If I asked for too much, I'm sorry, and if you want to decline the idea, I understand. But I still give you credit for offering to code and program it. Thanks a lot!
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    @jacob1 (View Post)
    I have 1 more suggestion...
    For the mod:
    Make a new Tab called : Indestructible Elements
    It will have, All the metals in there and they will have a IN before it like for pscn itll be INPS for nscn itll be INNS
    if you can do this thank you if u dont i understand
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    Version 2.0 is out, with MOVING SOLIDS!
    They are much less glitchy than the ones in my Lua script, and are almost perfect except that they don't have rotation.
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    is there only a bouncing ball thing?
    oh and can u make easier to make moving SPNG thing? (doesnt have 2 b spng)
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    the ball doesnt work...
  • Simon
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    You need to post the source code with any releases, PM me or another moderator when you can provide source so the post can be unhidden.
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    @ jacob1

    Thanks for the reply dude. If it becomes as useful as i think it will, it just might make it into the official TPT.
    Thanks a lot dude!