Powder Sim

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    I've moved the files to OneDrive as Dropbox no longer support links, https://1drv.ms/f/s!ApKUV-JPLV_EqK0JIyw3Fb2yqMNf4g

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    This post has been removed: This post has been automatically removed because EasyYT is not allowed to post on the forums
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    is there a way to get Android mods for TPT?

  • jacob1
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    No. Mods aren't structured like in other games. In other games, they modify the original game. For powder toy, they entirely replace the original game using a custom compiled version. So unless someone compiles their mod for Android, there won't be Android mods. It's not possible for any existing mods besides mine to be ported to Android.

    There are Lua scripts, those work on Android. You can find them in the Lua section. There is no script manager for Android at the moment though.