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11th Jul 2012
12th Jul 2012
A save I made just to test out my RAM. Instructions in the save. PM me if these instructions aren't good enough and be specific abt what you need help with
tptolympics electronic


  • lolz546
    30th Jul 2014
    what do you mean by spark to bit b4 writing?
  • Skattz
    18th Jul 2012
    and each sign can only hold so many letters. he cant fit a whole paragraph in one freakin sign
  • Niven
    17th Jul 2012
    @Fattness I did since u can only use so many signs, and I didn't want to run out. U know what its saying, so deal with it
  • Poorsoft
    17th Jul 2012
    @epicksl Agreed. if ever the time comes, he should ask to change his "nick". *Sigh..
  • Fattness
    17th Jul 2012
    I can't read the instrustions, please use a bit proper spelling so it doesn't look like I'm reading what a 5 yr old is saying - constructive critisism
  • epicksl
    16th Jul 2012
    jesus christ if that kid keeps on saying "creature cats" on every save he sees... im going to explode. IDK why but seeing the same signature over and over is annoying :PPP nice save
  • desred3
    16th Jul 2012
    This is a nice piece of work you have here. Anyways, I'd just make the places to use the spark on in the memory, a bit bigger, if it doesn't take up much more space.
  • Nights85
    14th Jul 2012
    No comment to make +1 ~Creature Cats.
  • 12vladis12
    13th Jul 2012
    601487 - RGB 5x5
  • Poorsoft
    12th Jul 2012
    Can't wait to go onto tpt later, amazing thing!! All the electronics look confusing, but I'm still guessing it'll be sweet!