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26th Dec 2011
8th May 2012
an oxygen atom with the correct number of neutrons, protons (i used photons for them), and electrons. the electron cloud is even seperated into the correct energy levels. releases energy if split


  • dudefinal
    7th Feb 2014
    how do i split the atom
  • PTuniverse
    15th Apr 2013
    @apophis Yes, we get it, but no, we aren't going to add that. This isn't Science Toy, you know.
  • apophis
    9th May 2012
    and then they need neutrinos and w bosons and pions and so and so
  • apophis
    9th May 2012
    then TPT should add quarks and gluons because a neutron is made of two down quarks and one up quark, a proton has two ups and one down with the strong force mediated by gluons
  • tayolo
    23rd Mar 2012
    @GBT7 Idk why, if anything, one electron and neutron should make deuterium ( with the absence of one proton) TPT really needs to add protons.
  • Niven
    2nd Feb 2012
    @slasher98 no it doesn't. tpt doesn't have protons. Also, hydrogen is made of a proton and an electron (no neutron unless it's an isotope) so GBT7 was right.
  • slasher98
    1st Feb 2012
    @GBT7- It does stupid.
  • stuffedcritters
    1st Feb 2012
    uh oh!!!!! i split the adom!!!!!!!! (3 +1
  • GBT7
    29th Jan 2012
    can someone tell mem why tpt has neutrons and electrons but no protons? and when i mix neutrons and electrons it makes hydrogen even if hydrogen is protons and electrons without neutrons?
  • Niven
    29th Dec 2011
    why did you just describe the atom?